Computer Keyboarding Maintenance

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Lisa Richards, Educational Outreach Writer

People used to only be able to use a notepad and pencil to write letters that were sent through the mail. It usually took a couple of days to a few weeks to receive those letters. In today's world, though, people can send an email or text message in a matter of seconds to their family and friends. However, this can only be done if the person sending the message knows how to use a keyboard. A keyboard contains all of the letters of the alphabet, numbers, symbols, and even commands that allow the user to write understandable messages. The ability to communicate using a keyboard is known as typing. Typing is one of the most valuable skills a person can learn, especially at a young age. In fact, it is very important to learn how to type to succeed in today's world. Take advantage of all of the useful resources listed below to begin your keyboarding journey today.



  • Type for Gold: Master your typing skills while playing for the gold in this interactive game.
  • Keyboard Climber: Use your keyboarding skills to help the monkey get to the top fast.
  • Horse Racing Typing: Type out the word as fast as you can to win the horse race.
  • Keyphant: Key in the right letters and watch the circus elephant perform crazy tricks.
  • Typing Race: Type the letters to keep your car in the race.
  • Keyman: Earn the highest amount of points while avoiding the ghosts in this typing version of Pac-Man.
  • Balloon Typing Game: Type the correct letters to pop the balloons before the reach the top.
  • Nitro Type Racing Game: Win first place against other racers practicing their typing skills.
  • QWERTY Warriors: Type the words and hit Enter to kill your enemies.
  • Turtoise, Hare, and the Car: Type as quickly as possible to defeat your enemy in these three games.
  • Spellerz: Type the words on the spacecraft to destroy it.
  • Cup Stacking: Stack and unstack the cups by typing the characters on them.
  • Falling ABCs: Type the falling alphabet before the letters hit the water.
  • Key Seeker: Type the letters to see some cool pictures.
  • The Typing of the Ghosts Game: Destroy the ghosts by typing the words on them.


  • Finger Placement Chart (PDF): Use this finger placement chart to correctly type on a standard QWERTY keyboard.
  • Basic Keyboarding: Positioning (PDF): A document teaches the proper way to sit and rest your wrists when keyboarding.
  • 7 Proper Keyboarding Techniques: Follow these seven basic keyboarding techniques to type more effectively.
  • Proper Keyboarding Techniques: Use this chart to properly position your body and fingers before typing.
  • Proper Keyboarding Posture: Sitting in the proper keyboarding posture can help improve your typing skills.


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