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1. Concurrent Users

How many Users will be accessing MAPCON CMMS AT ANY ONE TIME? If your organization needs to provide access to a total of 30+ employees, you may only need to license 5-6 "Concurrent Users"! Call us with questions.

Standard Number of Users

Preferred Number of Users

2. Concurrent Mobile Device Users

How many Mobile Device Users (Users accessing MAPCON with Smartphones and Tablets) will be accessing MAPCON CMMS AT ANY ONE TIME? If you need to provide access to 20 employees with Smartphones, you may only need to license 2-5 "Concurrent Mobile Device Users"! Call us with questions.

Number of Mobile Device Users

OR Manually Enter # Devices

3. Assets to be Managed

Select the number of Assets and/or Equipment to be managed using MAPCON CMMS. You can decide to choose either a standard number of assets, OR another number that better suits your preferences.

Standard Number of Assets

Preferred Number of Assets

*100 minimum Asset Quantity

4. OPTIONAL Additional Sites (Enterprise Solution)

How many of additional sites or locations will be managed using MAPCON CMMS Software? Just one location comes standard, but you can add any number of additional plant, building or location sites if you choose.

Standard Number of Sites

Preferred Number of Sites

5. OPTIONAL Advanced Inventory Module*

Do you have a stockroom or inventory you need to manage? The optional Inventory Module provides physical locations for parts as well as inventory quantities, reserve parts and Automatic Reorder Physical Inventory counts.

*NOTE: At this time the Inventory Module is not available for MAPCON LITE.

Standard Number of Parts

Preferred Number of Parts

*100 minimum Part Quantity

6. OPTIONAL Advanced Modules*  

If you will require one or more of our Advanced Modules, please check the appropriate box(es).

*NOTE: At this time Advanced Purchasing and Advanced Human Resources modules are not available for MAPCON LITE.

Advanced Administration

System Utilities

Advanced Maintenance

Advanced Purchasing

Advanced Human Resources

Service Billing


Cost Accounting Interface



LITE Version


PRO Version

<—  COST/Month: If MAPCON Hosts (On-Demand)  —> Annual Maintenance & Support Included!




<—   One-Time COST: On Your Server (You Own It)   —>

<—   Plus, Highly Recommended (Optional)  —>
Annual Maintenance & Support