CMMS Training Online: MAPCON's Virtual Classroom!

Train Online: Easy to use. Extremely intutive. User friendly.

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ONLINE Training: Robust, Engaging and Smart!

Training on MAPCON's CMMS Software using Online Classes is the ideal way to save money and time! MAPCON utilizes GoToTraining™ for its ONLINE classes. GoToTraining™ allows us to host online classes from one person to classes with up to 25 people so you can do more and travel less.

Classes Open to the Public

Classes open to the public are "pre-scheduled" meaning they will take place on the days and times indicated. Find out more. MAPCON Public Classes are listed here:

Individual, One-On-One Classes

These classes are generallly designed for MAPCON users who also have appropriate Advanced Modules. Find out more. MAPCON One-On-One Classes are listed here: