MAPCON Interface Module*

The Interface Module Extends the Functionality of MAPCON CMMS

MAPCON Interface Module

The Interface Module transfers important data from your MAPCON system to another software system or multiple software systems.

One of the major advantages of MAPCON CMMS software is its unique capability to seamlessly integrate with other critical customer applications.

MAPCON Interface Module benefits:

  • Permanent Direct Link from MAPCON to your legacy applications;
  • No 'cut and paste' necessary from intermediary applications;
  • No data entry required to transfer information;
  • Human error completely eliminated ensuring complete data accuracy.

Why not link MAPCON with your other systems today?

MAPCON Interface Module

MAPCON CMMS has the capability to directly interface with other departments and 3rd party software applications.

MAPCON Interface Module works perfectly with Microsoft Dynamics, GP and ERP. It also works just as well with SAP, Oracle and Summit ERP systems! Using MAPCON CMMS is the professional way to maintain your assets and equipment while fully integrating into your organization's management and accounting systems.

  • Link MAPCON directly to your accounting system!
  • Export any data from MAPCON to your ERP system!
  • MAPCON can customize a data interface with any system for any purpose!
  • Import machine-generated data directly to MAPCON!

Most often, the focus for MAPCON CMMS customers is transferring dollar value transactions from purchases and invoices to the accounting department. Remember however, any data collected by MAPCON CMMS can be seamlessly transferred to any other system using our interface module. This includes meter readings, job tickets and work orders and purchase orders.

From a technical standpoint, here is more of what MAPCON Interface Module can do:

  • Configure Accounting, Purchasing or Inventory Transaction export Interfaces from pre-defined templates
  • Use the system scheduler to automate an export interface
  • E-mail notifications on interface results
  • Define the type of output for ASCII CSV, Tabbed ASCII, or Excel export file types
  • Supports FTP
  • Setup menu options for batch interfaces
  • Automatically archive exported interface files
  • Resend transactions
  • Control date, numeric and time formats
  • Cut down on custom programming time for more advanced interfaces

*NOTE: Module features may differ for PRO and LITE versions of MAPCON CMMS. For a printable list (PDF) of ALL the features provided in MAPCON CMMS, Click Here.

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