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CMMS Software Products for Professional Maintenance Management

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Basic CMMS Software
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Basic (LITE) CMMS Software

MAPCON's basic version is a full-featured, robust Preventive Maintenance and Work Order Management CMMS designed for maintenance managers that want to keep things simple — and affordable. Called LITE, the application starts at only $30 per month if we host it for you (On-Demand SaaS), or, you can own it starting at only $495 and run it on your server.

Who uses MAPCON LITE? Typical users of LITE are hundreds of organizations large and small including Agri Industry giants, medical clinics, manufacturing plants and

school districts. LITE does the job they need without a lot of extra functionality they don't want. And, the price is simply unbeatable!

Plus, if your operations include multiple locations whether local, national or international, LITE
allows you to add an Enterprise
(Multi-Site) option.

With an unbeatable price,
LITE is a heavy-weight
CMMS contender!

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"The LITE Version".

Advanced (PRO) CMMS Software

The advanced version of MAPCON's CMMS is called "PRO" (or Professional). PRO moves the goalposts for professional maintenance across the spectrum of modern industry and facility management! Why? Because MAPCON PRO is THE most comprehensive CMMS package available anywhere on the planet at a price range within the budgets of 90% of Earth's business and organizational entities.

With MAPCON PRO, maintenance managers can now employ Project Management,

manage Safety Procedures, engage in Work Order Planning and utilize ISO, QS and JCO Audit Controls. And, that's just for starters.

MAPCON PRO is used by America's space agency,

ethanol plants, city and
  state government entities, major truck
  manufacturers, airlines and library systems
  among many others.

  Learn more about The PRO Version".