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Garden City, Kansas

Garden City, KS

"Good morning —

I wanted to pass on some information that I thought you would like to hear.

In 2013 and in 2014, our financial auditors warned us that our inventory control process was not adequate and steps to improve it should be taken. In 2014, we hired a Warehouse Manager, Mr. Tyler Patterson who had experience with the Mapcon system at his previous employer. We purchased the Mapcon inventory control programs and basically re-did everything involving inventory, work orders etc. for the Garden City Utilities Department.

Garden City Case Study

Garden City Case Study

It was a lot of work for us, and with the help and assistance of Mapcon employees we ended up with a completely new way of doing business.

Fast forward to the audit in 2015… we were congratulated for making major improvements from our auditors. Now, in December of 2016 (drum roll…) we had a 100% accuracy rating from our auditors on over $3.5 million in inventory and control of that inventory! Pretty awesome huh?

So, thank you to Mapcon and anyone out there thinking about a new system. I strongly urge you to look at Mapcon Technologies.

Happy New Year (2017)!"
— Mike Muirhead, Public Utilities Director, Garden City, Kansas
Download our Garden City, Kansas Case Study (PDF)

Red Star Yeast

“My favorite thing about MAPCON actually doesn't involve the software. My favorite thing about MAPCON is the support that I receive from the employees there. Whenever I call the support line, or need to talk to a programmer, I know they will do everything they can to get my issue resolved. Even if they have to go to other people for the solution, they will always find it. Also, I have never once been told "No" when it came to enhancements or customizations. They go out of their way to make things happen, and I really appreciate that.”
— Eric Tucker, CMMS System Administrator, Red Star Yeast

PHS/ MWA Aviation Services

“Everything on this end is working fine. The PM’s are generating every day so far; I really appreciate your diligence and amazing customer service. I will keep you advised of any changes. Thank you and have a great day.”
— Philip Reams, Maintenance Supervisor, PHS/ MWA Aviation Services

University of Pennsylvania Health System

University of Pennsylvania Hospital

“As a hospital, it is vital that we pass our tri-annual inspection. Thanks to MAPCON, we were able to stay on track with our preventive maintenance and to report on equipment history without subjecting the inspectors to… mounds of paperwork.

These two factors were key to our department passing inspection which contributed to the entire hospital achieving accreditation with honors for the first time in the hospital"s history.”
— Andrea Latzko, University of Pennsylvania Health System

Michigan State University, W.K. Kellogg Biological Station

Michigan State University, W.K. Kellogg Biological Station

“We use MAPCON because it is easy to use. It is ideal for keeping track of our equipment maintenance and records. We use MAPCON to generate all of our work orders for maintenance at our complex. We then can easily retrieve the data and use it for billing our various departments.

It was easy to implement. I feel its greatest advantage is that it is User Friendly.”
— David Sherk, Engineer/Supervisor, Physical Plant & Grounds,
Kellogg Biological Station, Michigan

Didion Milling, Wisconsin

Didion Milling

“MAPCON has revolutionized the way we look at maintenance,” said Mike Ensley, presentations coordinator for this year’s MAPCON Users’ Group Conference. "We’re recording real-time information, stocking smarter, using reports to plan better and maximizing plant uptime through the use of planned preventative maintenance.”
— Mike Ensley, CMMS Administrator for Didion Milling,
Didion Milling, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin

Full Text of Press Release October 22, 2013: Didion Milling Recognized for Excellence in Computerized Maintenance Management Systems


United Wisconsin Grain Producers

United Wisconsin Grain Producers

United Wisconsin Grain Producers LLC (UWGP) started using “MAPCON” in 2005 when production of our facility began. Since this time, MAPCON has become an important key to our day-to-day successes by providing and modifying a maintenance program that meets our ever changing needs.

Using MAPCON has allowed UWGP to maximize maintenance records and store pertinent information that can be retrieved quickly. We are able to identify and stock critical parts while keeping an accurate inventory. UWGP also has a valued benefit of scheduling preventative maintenance; which reduces both downtime and maintenance costs. UWGP knows that support for MAPCON is only a call away.

By utilizing all the tools available in MAPCON, UWGP has become #1 in plant up-time and #1 in low maintenance costs according to the 2013 Christianson & Associates Benchmarking Reports. UWGP employees are very proud of these accomplishments. This only proves that MAPCON is the heartbeat of the maintenance department.

UWGP is always looking to achieve maximum efficiency along with increasing performance. MAPCON is growing right with us.


Tucson Unified School District, Arizona

Tucson Unified School District

“We've been using MAPCON for 12 years. I am constantly instructed to evaluate different maintenance software packages because a school district/government agency uses it. I have only seen 1 or 2 maintenance packages that come close to MAPCON in design, quality, and flexibility. But their cost was 6 and 8 times the cost of MAPCON. Why would we change?

iMapcon (Internet Module) saves us 30 man-hours per week. The process begins in the schools. All 150 schools/sites are inter-connected by a WAN. And thru this WAN, the office manager, principal, or anyone else that is trained, will log into iMapcon and request a work order. This work order is then reviewed by our staff personnel. If it meets our criteria, then a work order is created by pressing a single button, otherwise an e-mail is sent back to the site explaining what is wrong.

The sites can also see what work order or work request is still open for just their location.

Our high school engineers also use it (iMapcon) to find certain inventory items within our 70 stockrooms.

Customizations to MAPCON include Employee Time Accountability, Freon tracking, Warranty tracking, Budget tracking via 15,000 different state funding codes, and many other small adjustments to match our special needs.

MAPCON provides us tighter management of limited state funds, the ability to instantly comply with new Preventive Maintenance Requirements, and the ability to track every work order, every man-hour, every inventory item, and every piece of equipment within the school district.”
— Jim Righter, Facilities Management Information Systems Supervisor,
Tucson Unified School District, Arizona

West Des Moines Community School District

West Des Moines Community School District

Manager Bob Young is tracking labor and maintenance for 18 school buildings, stadiums, and other facilities located throughout West Des Moines, Iowa (which makes him MTI"s closest neighbor!)

To help track labor costs per location and stay on top of the preventive maintenance work, Bob has modified Mapcon to allow Principal"s to sign-off on work requests created over iMapcon (optional Internet Module).

A typical scenario is for head custodians to create work requests, and the building administrator signs-off on them. One individual in Operations converts the requests to work orders, which the Maintenance Supervisor then approves and dispatches to a maintenance employee.

Bob explains further: "We have 3 maintenance employees that are using PocketMaint (optional handheld PDA Module). Two of these employees work at all of our facilities and the other one is stationed at one building all of the time. The employees download their work orders, enter notes and time cards as they complete the work, and then enter completion dates and their names and upload this information back to Mapcon."

"We're using less paper now because of PocketMaint. Fewer phoned-in work requests because of iMapcon. Facility administrators are more aware of the maintenance work that is being performed at their building because of signing-off on the work requests."

"We have really appreciated the friendly, knowledgeable, and timely help we have gotten from the folks in Customer Service! The training sessions are also very helpful."

"I like the "can do" attitude that everyone at MAPCON (MTI) has."
Quotes— Bob Young, Office Manager Operations Department,
West Des Moines Community School District, Iowa

Schaumberg School District #54

Schaumberg School District #54

Bill Hayes has been using MAPCON for over 11 years to track preventive maintenance on vehicles and buses, and coordinate work requests from over 30 buildings. On a typical day he generates reports on active and historical work orders, equipment history, labor and inventory usage.

When asked what specific benefits he has received and/or achieved that are attributable to MAPCON, he answers, "Better control of outstanding work load and tracking costs."
Quotes— William Hayes, Maintenance Supervisor,
Schaumberg School District #54, Chicago, Illinois

City of Omaha

City of Omaha

“On behalf of the Administrative Services Department, I am pleased to announce a technological step forward for the City of Omaha - iMAPCON. The Fire, Library, and Police Departments have participated in a successful four-month trial period using this automated process. iMAPCON is a win-win solution..."
— Barb Anderson, City of Omaha, Nebraska

Golden Triangle Energy

Golden Triangle Energy

“I just wanted to pass on a big "Thank you" to you and the rest of the staff. We just had 2 audits and the auditors were both really impressed with how organized our records are, thanks to the capabilities of MAPCON. "Excellent" and "very well organized" were the exact words used by the auditors. One of the auditors was going to suggest MAPCON to other plants that he audits. Keep up the good work!"
— Greta Drewes, Golden Triangle Energy, Missouri