Work Order Tracking and PM Software

Work Order Tracking Software for your Facility!


Easy to use. Powerful software. Priced right.

  1. Easy to use and setup: Download and be creating Work Orders and PMs in less than 10 minutes. Plus, MAPCON CMMS is extremely intuitive, especially for experienced maintenance personnel.
  2. Powerful software: Scalable. Faster than the others. Smartphone capable. Access from any computer or digital device.
  3. Priced right: Our software starts at less than $30 per month or purchased outright for under $500.
  4. Outstanding customer service: Our company is employee-owned and operated. We care about you!
  5. Fully customizable: We can customize MAPCON to suit your needs and preferences.

MAPCON has worked very hard to create a CMMS application that is both easy to setup and easy to use. In fact, you can download our CMMS and create your first Work Order or generate your first PM in less than 10 minutes.

MAPCON's basic CMMS version has been created with the busy maintenance manager in mind. No one wants to spend hours discovering how a new piece of software works. Today, customers expect that new software applications function as intuitively as possible with the shortest possible learning curve. After all, their job is maintenance management not educating themselves to use complex computer programs! MAPCON's basic version exceeds that expectation handily.

MAPCON's robust CMMS is used successfully throughout a vast range of facilities and industries by both experienced maintenance professionals as well as relatively less-experienced staff personnel without the need for extensive training. MAPCON has been designed to be as intuitive as possible while providing a huge array of features and options designed for our customers in a variety of industries. That's no small accomplishment!

Nevertheless, MAPCON does offer in-depth training classes both here in our Midwest headquarters and on-site for customers interested in getting the most value from their implementation of MAPCON's premier CMMS. We also have many online classes. So, whether you need to get started without any hassle or are ready to take MAPCON CMMS to the next level, we can meet your expectations perfectly!

If you don't want to re enter all of your users, no problem! We can integrate with your current Microsoft Active Directory.

The job is already done and now you just want to document it, no problem, use our after the fact work order process to record and complete the work in one step on one screen.

We include common items to get you started quickly like a starter set of Equipment type identifiers called 'keywords'. Just assign them to your equipment and you are ready to go. We also include a set of common user profiles so you setup your system quickly by assigning these profiles to users which gives them quick access to the features they need and nothing else.

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No competing CMMS software package offers the sheer number of features and options that are contained in the MAPCON CMMS package at a price on par with our terrific value. MAPCON feels that maintenance managers shouldn't have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in CMMS software in order to obtain the functionality MAPCON CMMS offers in its suite of standard features or in its optional modules.

Take a look at MAPCON CMMS before your organization settles on a professional CMMS. Few can match our list of features and capabilities:

  1. MAPCON CMMS is scalable, that is, our CMMS is designed to grow with you and your organization. When you first start out, you may not need or want advanced inventory capabilities. Or have a need to track timecards. Or advanced administration. So, why be forced to pay for them? With MAPCON CMMS, you're not! But, it's nice to know you can step right up into our scalable CMMS package whenever you're ready. If you want a Chevy we have it; if you want a Cadillac we have that too.
  2. Optionally though, MAPCON is proud to offer advanced modules including Administration, Human Resources, Maintenance, Inventory, Service Billing and System Utilities. Each of these modules dramatically expand the already powerful standard feature set supplied with our CMMS.
  3. Plus, MAPCON CMMS is designed to integrate seamlessly with databases such as Oracle, SQL Server and Firebird. MAPCON CMMS can also easily communicate with various other software packages including accounting packages, spreadsheets and word processors.
  4. And, MAPCON CMMS is FAST! Our competitors are generally tied to standard Internet browsers such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Browsers can be finicky, SLOW and just plain frustrating. MAPCON's Java-technology CMMS, on the other hand, isn't tied to ANY browser.

And, while we're at it, no one matches our ability to provide CMMS in alternative versions. Want your CMMS in a Web-based SaaS (Software as a Service) version? No problem. How about as a Windows Server-based system? MAPCON has you covered. Prefer an Enterprise solution capable of managing multiple sites spread across a wide geography? MAPCON has your system! Or, what if your organization requires unique customization to suit your specific needs and preferences? Well, we perform optional customizations for our customers all the time! So, no problem! Yes, MAPCON is easy to work with!

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MAPCON wants you to use our CMMS software! As a result, we have designed MAPCON pricing to be affordable starting out and remain advantageous as you grow into our more advanced versions and modules. Our pricing is the most cost-efficient of any competitor in the CMMS industry.

First, you will never pay for more CMMS than you want or need! That's why our price for MAPCON's Lite version, a CMMS ready for any company, starts out at only $495! Or we'll host it for you as a Web-based application at just $30 per month. No quality CMMS is as affordable as MAPCON! — See pricing for our basic version.

MAPCON will never force you to buy options or modules you don't need. But, the good news is that we HAVE the modules our customers demand. Here are just a few:

  • Advanced Administration — Options that allow the organization to take fuller control of the MAPCON CMMS presentation. We call these Optimizations.
  • Advanced Human Resources — Allows the administration to track staff timecards, schedules and time off in regard to Work Orders and maintenance tasks and other related issues.
  • Advanced Maintenance — Adds powerful functionality to Work Order tracking and efficiencies.
  • Inventory Module — Allows enhanced parts and inventory tracking and re-ordering options.
  • Advanced Purchasing — Adds purchase orders and invoice reconciliation capabilities.
  • System Utilities — Provides additional report generator, labeling, SQL editor and other features.

Competitors with comparable systems start considerably higher. So, MAPCON has the lower price. More importantly, MAPCON CMMS offers many more features and capabilities in a package designed to be both IT and User-friendly. — See pricing for our basic version.

MAPCON offers an 'On-Demand' option for our CMMS software. This is a package sometimes referred to as "SaaS" or "Software as a Service" in which MAPCON 'hosts' your CMMS on our servers and your staff logs in from any workstation, PC, Smartphone or tablet. This is the way to go when your IT department can't – or won't – take on the extra load. If you want a Chevy we have it; if you want a Cadillac we have that too. Your price starts at $25 per month, per User. — See pricing for our basic version.

We have Enterprise, multi-site industrial operations with national and/or international units, as well as, large facilities, including governmental, corporate and college campuses, medical centers, resort and building complexes. MAPCON CMMS is a robust asset maintenance management application with an extensive feature set designed for multi-site, multi-zone management environments. Yet, it too is eminently affordable with a starting price of just $495. — See pricing for our basic version.

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MAPCON is proud of the customer loyalty that has inspired our employee-owners to treat all our customers just like family. MAPCON has been creating premier computerized maintenance management systems for facilities and industry since 1982. And, what has kept MAPCON in the forefront of quality CMMS? It's the type of service and after the sale support each one of our customers has come to know and expect.

In the maintenance management field, whether our customer is a large, multi-national industrial business or a small fleet of taxicabs, it really is true that the customer knows best. It's the customer who knows his or her business and cares for the important assets and equipment that make their operation run smoothly. MAPCON has learned that these maintenance professionals are the critical components in the design and functioning of our CMMS application. We seek their advice. We want our customer's opinions! MAPCON responds to customer insights swiftly and we appreciate customer feedback whether positive or negative.

The employee-owners at MAPCON are the ones who provide support and assistance to our customer family! We don't farm out support calls to another continent. Our customers never have to worry about being shunted off to an hourly rate 'representative' looking for answers on a computer screen thousands of miles away from our headquarters. When you contact MAPCON, you will reach one of our employee-owners in our offices here in the Midwest of the United States. Every time! All the time!

Already a MAPCON customer? Then a hearty THANK YOU to you and your staff! Thinking of becoming a MAPCON customer? We can't wait to welcome you to our family!

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No one customer is alike. MAPCON has been delivering premier CMMS to organizations large and small across the globe for over 30 years. We discovered long ago that the preventive maintenance objectives of an important regional gas utility may have significant differences from the maintenance management requirements of, say, NASA.

MAPCON CMMS customers know that our company stands ready to make our CMMS software reflect the unique needs and expectations of those who see a need to customize our CMMS application. Customization is an optional opportunity for business and government entities interested in certain modifications in our CMMS functionality. MAPCON always stands ready to meet your unique needs and expectations.

MAPCON CMMS is one of the world's premier asset maintenance management tools. Used by facilities and industries worldwide, we are justly proud of what we firmly believe is the very best combination of CMMS packages available anywhere at any price. Nevertheless, MAPCON stands ready and willing to make customer-requested customizations whenever the needs arrive and the customer feels the necessity justifies the cost.

Here are some customizations we have done:

  • Specific interfaces to Corporate ERP, Purchasing, Inventory and General Ledger systems.
  • Added data fields to screens to track company specific data.
  • Modified Work Order or PO forms to show company specific terms and conditions.
  • Modifications to Smartphone and Tablet apps to create specific customer quoting applications or to scan barcodes to ease a specific company process.
  • Read runtime or alarm information from PLC or Building control systems to generate work orders, PM?s and trending information.
  • Specific inventory control processes to fit the way a client works.

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Basic CMMS or Advanced:  It's your choice!

Lite CMMS Software for Basic Maintenance Management. MAPCON Lite is a robust, full-featured CMMS at a can't fail price. See more information.

Pro CMMS Software for Advanced Maintenance Management. MAPCON Pro is a comprehensive maintenance management software package without a budget-breaking price tag. See more information.

Plus, these major features...

Multi-Site Enterprise CMMS for Global or Local Operations. MAPCON Enterprise is the option for organizations with multiple site and locations whether using Lite or Pro. See more information.

CMMS available On-Demand (SaaS) or running on your server. If you can access the Internet, you can start using MAPCON On-Demand in about 10 minutes. See more information.

Our CMMS Maintenance Software packages are really a series of choices you make to build a full-featured computerized maintenance management system that works best for your organization, including enterprise-wide maintenance management processes and integration of Asset Management, Inventory, Purchasing, Mobile Technology and much more. Why not get started right away?

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Work Order Tracking Software

Professional maintenance management requires robust Work Order Software capable of implementing enterprise-level maintenance management and top-notch equipment maintenance scheduling to protect the organization's assets and keep your operation running smoothly.

MAPCON provides Work Order Tracking Software packages and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) to assist your organization to meet and exceed your workorder software maintenance management goals. Successful maintenance managers know that a solid Work Order program like MAPCON's drives down costs while increasing operational productivity and improving the unit bottom line profitability. The time to ACT is now! MAPCON has the package you need.

MAPCON Work Order Program Technology

MAPCON Work Order Programs provide you with the power of JAVA Swing Technology. Combined with our many years of experience designing, implementing and supporting Computerized Maintenance Management Systems and our premier Work Order Software packages are customized, heavy-duty, data intensive, highly responsive and very secure CMMS applications.

A significant advantage of MAPCON Work Orders Software is architecture neutrality. By using Java ("write once, run anywhere"), MAPCON's CMMS will within practical limits operate in various environments (Microsoft Windows, Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Linux), connect to databases including, (Oracle, SQL Server, Interbase), and communicate with most other standard software applications (accounting packages, spreadsheets, word processors). MAPCON Work Order Software is not tied to any one IT environment!

There's more! MAPCON CMMS allows our applications to switch between numerous 'look and feel' styles. Each option gives a slightly different look to the various visual components (scroll bars, dialog boxes) of our application. You're in control with MAPCON Work Order Tracking Software!

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FREE Work Order Software Evaluation

MAPCON will happily provide you with a free evaluation of any of our 4 Work Order Software products just for the asking. Your evaluation will include a fully functional, multi-site, multi-user, 30-day evaluation. Contact us today!

Here are some of the features of our full-featured Work Order Tracking Software packages:

  • Departmental (single site) or Enterprise-wide installation
  • Optimized Asset Management (EAM Software)
  • Easy to use 'Site' Features
  • Flexible, Enterprise-Wide Administrative Control
  • Automatic Client Upgrades
  • Enterprise-Wide Inventory Management
  • Smartphone and Mobile Capabilities: MAPCON for Mobile Devices
  • Fully integrated Report Generator with Advanced Document Management features
  • Multi-site and zone facility management capabilities
  • Built in customization utilities such as a screen designer and menu generator
  • N-bit Technology
  • Change Asset numbers and other key descriptors on the fly
  • And much more...

Work Order Solutions

A CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) including Work Order Software organizes the maintenance records and data of an organization with the objective of reducing failures and unscheduled downtime while lowering maintenance costs and improving productivity. In the digital era a comprehensive Work Order Tracking Software package is essential for ANY organization that wants to remain profitable, competitive and efficient.

Examples of implementation for MAPCON Work Order Software can be found at such websites as the Education Resources Information Center. However, those interested in how major government and academic facilities implement maintenance management using MAPCON Work Order Software can visit the University of Notre Dame or NASA. For large school districts superlative Work Order Software is illustrated by West Des Moines Community Schools.

Learn more about MAPCON Work Order Software

Contact us today or check out our CMMS Software either by trying our FREE software evaluation or your FREE personalized "DEMO" from one of our representatives. Our primary preventive maintenance software versions are MAPCON Lite and MAPCON Pro. Each of these versions have numerous options so that you may configure the best CMMS Software package possible for your specific organizational needs and expectations. We provide full support (by our employee-owners here in the American Midwest) and training both on-site or at our classrooms in Des Moines, Iowa.

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