MAPCON Work Order Resource Scheduler

MAPCON Scheduler: New! Drag-N-Drop Calendar-Based Resource Scheduling

One of the most dynamic optional features available to maintenance managers is the amazing MAPCON Work Order Resource Scheduler! Called MAPCON Scheduler for short, this outstanding, drag-and-drop calendar-based scheduling tool will really make life easy for busy maintenance staff! Easy to use and extremely powerful, MAPCON Scheduler will make the task of scheduling resources like personnel, crews and crafts with work orders a breeze!

MAPCON Scheduler

The Work Order Resource Scheduler is available with MAPCON's Advanced Human Resources module with either a "basic" or "advanced" feature set. Here are just some of what you can expect from MAPCON Scheduler:

  • Calendar-Based Scheduling – Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Semi-Annual views!
  • Easy 'Drag-N-Drop' Scheduling – Select a Work Order and simply 'drag' it to the date you desire!
  • Resource Options – Schedule Work Orders by Employee, Crew or Craft*! (*Note: Even more options are available in the advanced version.)
  • Automatically Dispatch Work Orders – Schedule your Work Orders, click 'Save' and automatically dispatch them!
  • Edit Work Orders Before Scheduling – Does your Work Order need an edit or update? No problem. Do it right from MAPCON Scheduler!
  • Fully Customizable – Choose custom 'themes', colors and set individual personal preferences!

Work Order Resource Scheduler (Basic Version)

Our basic Work Order Resource Scheduler has everything you need to start getting PMs and work orders scheduled fast! The basic MAPCON Scheduler allows users to see exactly what work needs to be done and which employee will be doing it. Once a work order is created, it will appear on the left hand side of the scheduler, and then simply drag it to the correct employee and day. It?s that easy!

The basic version of MAPCON Scheduler allows users to schedule work orders and PMs by craft or employee, ensuring that work will be completed by the correct employee in a timely manner.

Additionally, MAPCON Scheduler also makes it easy for employees to see what work they have to do that day. All they have to do is look at their scheduled work view, and all of their work orders will be listed!

Work Order Resource Scheduler (Advanced Version)

The advanced version of Work Order Resource Scheduler for MAPCON Pro includes all of the features of the basic MAPCON Scheduler listed above, along with many others.

In the advanced version of MAPCON Scheduler a gauge with a percentage appears at the bottom of the work order tile on the calendar. The percentage gauge indicates how much time is remaining to schedule for that employee/craft on that day. Seeing this can help avoid over scheduling and allow work orders to get completed faster, saving your facility money.

Being able to see which employees are scheduled and how much of their day is already accounted for is also helpful when scheduling PMs. With MAPCON Scheduler, PMs can easily be scheduled around available resources.

In addition, each work order tile on MAPCON Scheduler displays indicators if there are problems with the order being scheduled. One indicator will appear if the order was scheduled for the wrong craft, another if the PM is overdue, and yet another one will appear if the facility is waiting for parts that are needed to complete the work. These indicators can help prevent downtime.

Other features in the advanced version of MAPCON Scheduler include:

  • Four different viewing options – daily, weekly, monthly, and semi-annually
  • The ability to schedule work based on zone or site
  • A color-coded resource utilization menu and tiles, which helps prevent under or over scheduling and lets you quickly view work priority by color
  • Multiple resource views (employee, craft, shift, crews and crafts, etc.)
  • Option to sort orders by priority, hours planned, date required and more
  • Automatically dispatch immediately while scheduling work

*NOTE: Available features for MAPCON products may differ for PRO and LITE versions of MAPCON CMMS. For a printable list (PDF) of ALL the features provided in MAPCON CMMS, Click Here.

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