MAPCON Advanced Inventory Module*

MAPCON CMMS Inventory Module: Essential Inventory Management

MAPCON Inventory Module

MAPCON's Inventory Module means reliable and efficient inventory management.

Organizations that are serious about cost control and departmental efficiency know that spare parts, equipment and tool rooms are exactly where the largest leaks in the bottom line can occur. Parts no longer needed, tools never checked back in and equipment never used clutter up inventory and soak up budgets without benefit to operational readiness. MAPCON's Inventory Module can solve these problems.

MAPCON Inventory Module ensures:

  1. Your equipment, parts and tool 'availability' counts will always be accurate. This encourages trust by maintenance personnel that the part or tool they need will be there when required.
  2. Real time parts and tool management translates to laser accurate establishment of maximum and minimum stock levels and reorder points and removal of unused equipment, tools and parts.
  3. A continual availability of up-to-date inventory status reports, including both pre-defined and custom reports. Every part is linked to existing equipment within MAPCON CMMS and those not matching your CMMS can be sold or otherwise removed.

Optimize Your CMMS with the Inventory Module

Adding the Inventory Module to your MAPCON CMMS will immediately reduce operational costs by identifying waste and maintaining lean inventory levels. Plus, our Inventory Module will establish smart reorder points so you always have the correct parts and hardware on hand when required.

From a technical standpoint, here are just some of MAPCON Inventory Module capabilities:

MAPCON Inventory Module
  • Full Inventory Audit
  • Costing Methods (WTVG, LIFO/FIFO, Standard) Standard
  • Inventory Value by Date
  • Issue and Return Tickets
  • Inventory Quantity Tracking (QOH)
  • Automatic Reorder
  • Manual Reorder
  • Physical Inventory/Cycle Count Control
  • Min/Max/Opt/Eoq per stockroom
  • Stockroom Seeding
  • Non-Valued Parts
  • Inventory Usage Tracking
  • Stockroom Transfers
  • Advanced Aisle/Shelf/Bin Naming
  • Inventory Memos
  • Non-Stock Parts
  • Parts Reservations
  • Manual Adjustments
  • Batch Receipts
  • Auto Generate locations on stockroom
  • Slow moving Items Report
  • Alternate (cross-reference) parts
  • Vendor specific UOM
  • Revision History
  • Category Codes
  • And much more…

*NOTE: Module is not available for MAPCON Lite. For a printable list (PDF) of ALL the features provided in MAPCON CMMS, Click Here.

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