MAPCON Advanced Purchasing Module*

MAPCON Purchasing Management: Real Efficiency and Cost Control

MAPCON Purchasing Module

The MAPCON Purchasing Module manages the entire CMMS Procurement Process.

With MAPCON's Purchasing Module, acquiring and reordering equipment, necessary spare parts and other goods and services is streamlined and controlled. The purchasing module fully integrates MAPCON CMMS into your EAM and purchasing operations. The purchasing module enforces spending controls while reducing the time it takes from requisition to purchase order.

MAPCON CMMS with integrated purchasing management makes the acquisition workflow as efficient as possible while ensuring accuracy in the purchase, receipt, use of equipment, tools and inventory items. The goal is to reduce administrative and supply costs while shorting the purchase cycle. The solution is an automated PO system that moves from a defined approval process to vendor identification, ordering to delivery, receiving and purchase order completion.


Upgrade Your CMMS with the Purchasing Module

MAPCON created the Purchasing Module to allow your maintenance management goals to mesh smoothly with your cost control and financial efficiency objectives. If you are looking for reporting accuracy when tracking tools, parts and inventory you purchase, receive and use, you need the MAPCON Purchasing Module.

From a technical standpoint, here are just some of MAPCON Purchasing Module capabilities:

MAPCON Inventory Module
  • Full Inventory Audit
  • Purchase Orders
  • Requisition to Purchase Order conversion
  • Receiving
  • Invoice Reconciliation
  • Standard Paragraphs
  • Change Order Tracking
  • Default Last Price for Vendor
  • Receipt E-mail Notifications
  • Return of Goods Form
  • Hold Open and Blanket Orders
  • Direct Purchase to Equipment
  • Direct Purchase to Location
  • Direct Purchase to Project
  • Multi-Level Authorizations
  • Foreign Currency Exchange Rates
  • Line Item category codes
  • Add your own Logo to Form
  • Vendor Statistics (On Time %, Lead %, etc.)
  • Receiving Stocking Report at Receipt time
  • Sales Tax, Freight, etc. Management
  • Automatically E-mail to Vendor once approved
  • Automatically update Inventory vendors when received
  • Approval Required E-mail notifications
  • Print legal documentation with Form
  • Advanced Human Resources
  • And much more…

*NOTE: Module is not available for MAPCON Lite. For a printable list (PDF) of ALL the features provided in MAPCON CMMS, Click Here.

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