MAPCON Advanced Human Resources Module*

MAPCON Labor Management: Schedule and Track Employee Work

MAPCON Human Resources Module

The MAPCON Human Resources Module is all about tracking labor, measuring labor efficiency and obtaining accurate labor costs on a per machine basis. The Human Resources Module is not a "payroll" module!

The MAPCON Human Resources Module, with the included Work Order Resource Scheduler, makes intelligent Work Order crew assignment and crew scheduling a breeze. For MAPCON Pro users, the Human Resource Module allows you to leverage your Work Order plan with employee Timecards with data you've already prepared with your WO Plan.

The MAPCON Human Resource Module not only tracks employee efficiency and labor costs but markedly increases employee productivity. One of the primary objectives of maintenance management is to increase "wrench time" when compared to hours available to work. Scheduling work orders and assigning by employee and his/her craft and crew is exactly how this is done.


Schedule Labor with Planned Work Orders

The MAPCON Human Resources Module will help you:

  1. Track Employee Efficiency – "Wrench Time" versus hours available to work;
  2. Accurately Schedule WorkScheduling Work Orders increases "wrench time"; and,
  3. Determine Labor Costs – The more hours spent in equipment repairs, the more likely the equipment needs to be replaced.

What's more, the MAPCON HR Module assists your organization by allowing for a "labor pool" (how many electricians do we have, how many millwrights, etc.). This labor pool designation works as a source for your employee scheduling feature not only by designating a "craft" but assigning an individual employee to that craft. In addition, the module tracks man-hours and work-time. Frontline MAPCON users like this feature as much as management. As frontline mechanics, for instance, add their work time and history to a Work Order they can track how many hours it took to complete a job.

Management, on the other hand, relates these hours to dollars against equipment items. For example, how much is this machine costing us? They can utilize actual labor costs to make decisions such as replace versus repair. Management can also use this for accountability. The manager can compare estimated hours versus actual hours to each employee.

MAPCON Human Resources Module

From a technical standpoint, here are just some of MAPCON Human Resources Module capabilities:

  • Human Resource Tracking
  • Timecard Tracking
  • Compensation Codes
  • Employee Auditing
  • Employee/Craft Rates
  • Timecard Adjustment Tracking
  • Special Pay Codes and Shift Differentials
  • Define Pay rates with multipliers and burdens
  • Hours Worked, Costs, Attainment Reporting
  • And much more…

*NOTE: Module features may differ for PRO and LITE versions of MAPCON CMMS. For a printable list (PDF) of ALL the features provided in MAPCON CMMS, Click Here.

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