MAPCON Service Billing Module*

Service Billing Module: CMMS as a Customer Service Tool

MAPCON Service Biling Module

Not a few major organizations 'contract out' preventive maintenance and other maintenance tasks. After all, they know their business model and product or services line best. Many times it makes economic sense to contract out preventive maintenance and replace and repair recommendations to third-party experts.

Maintenance service professionals who supply preventive maintenance services to facilities and industry many times use a professional CMMS to manage equipment and inventory operated by their clients. In supplying maintenance management for customer organizations naturally requires an efficient and accurate billing system. Similarly, many facilities and industries require their in-house maintenance staff to track and "invoice" internal departments for labor time and parts provided to that accounting entity.


What does Service Billing Allow MAPCON CMMS Users to Accomplish?

MAPCON Service Billing Module

Using your MAPCON CMMS with the optional Service Billing module you can now:

  • Quote your services, including material, to potential customers or internal department;
  • Schedule and dispatch your crew;
  • Track labor time;
  • Invoice (or Bill) your customer or internal department;
  • With our Interface Module, integrate with Accounting and more;
  • Communicate with crew, vendors and customer via email, SMS and Mobile smartphone and tablet devices; and,
  • Manage your inventory and equipment assets.

Billing for Maintenance Services is simple and easy.

Billing customers and/or internal departments using MAPCON CMMS has never been easier! MAPCON's Service Billing Module opens an entirely new and exciting option for maintenance managers. Bill organizational departments against their budgets! Invoice external customers for maintenance services! MAPCON CMMS software is the only software you need to maintain extremely efficient and cost effective maintenance services.

*NOTE: Module features may differ for PRO and LITE versions of MAPCON CMMS. For a printable list (PDF) of ALL the features provided in MAPCON CMMS, Click Here.

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