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Every business operation that maintains an inventory of any size needs to integrate automatic data capture technology, primarily barcoding. As you know, barcoding is an optical machine-readable technology, or optical character recognition (OCR), designed to smoothly integrate the barcode system with other operational data-driven systems.

The MAPCON Barcode Module is your answer to integrating fixed assets such as equipment, parts and other movable items with your operations data-collection systems. MAPCON's Barcode Technology is essential to operations that must have accurate, up-to-date information for inventory management, tracking and reporting purposes, as well as, accounting, purchasing and operations.


The MAPCON Barcode Module benefits your operation by:

  • Removing Human Error. Barcoding eliminates manual data entry that is the root cause of database errors. Barcoding equipment and parts eliminates paper entries and hand counting. Barcoding is error free!
  • FAST Inventory Management. Barcoding parts and equipment enables real time updates for operations and accounting databases. Costly and slow personnel parts room counting downtime is completely eliminated.
  • Security and Efficiency. Missing parts because of theft and poor records management is dramatically reduced because scanned items are easily tracked at stockroom exits. Unused or outdated parts are exchanged or refunded.

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MAPCON Barcode Module

MAPCON's Barcode Module makes tracking equipment even easier! Simply scan the barcode with a scanner or your smartphone, and watch as all the information for that equipment comes up instantly! Check PMs, previous work orders, current work orders, and inventory right from the palm of your hand.

Here's how our barcode CMMS module will make your job easier:

  • Labels can be printed individually from the data entry window or in batch from a menu option.
  • Cuts down on manual data entry.
  • Eliminates data entry errors.
  • Workers can simply scan an asset when creating a work order, and inventory will automatically be updated!
  • Our barcode module can be installed on as many workstations as needed – at no additional charge!
  • Inventory labels can be printed quickly when new items are received
  • The module supports Code 39, Interleave 2 of 5, Code 128 and QR barcodes. Others can be added upon request.
  • Each label can include an image, such as a company logo.
  • Mapcon Technologies Inc will design your labels so you don't have to!

When it comes to managing your facility, having accurate inventory numbers is absolutely crucial. Whether you have our Lite or Pro version, you'll find this add-on module will really help keep your numbers accurate!

*NOTE: Module features may differ for PRO and LITE versions of MAPCON CMMS. For a printable list (PDF) of ALL the features provided in MAPCON CMMS, Click Here.

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