What is a CMMS?

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is a software program used by maintenance professionals. It is used to keep detailed records of all assets within the company. A CMMS is also used to:

  • Create and dispatch work requests and work orders
  • Schedule preventive maintenance tasks
  • Track equipment usage
  • Track equipment repairs
  • Record asset history

What is a CMMS used for?

Any company that needs to keep detailed records of their assets should be using a CMMS. At MAPCON we have a very diverse group of clients, including small churches, zoos, ethanol plants, and even NASA!

Benefits of a CMMS

A well organized and up-to-date CMMS can be a very valuable tool for a company. Here are just a few of the advantages of implementing the software:

Decreased equipment downtime. A CMMS makes planning preventive maintenance on equipment easy. Staying on top of PM tasks can help keep machines up-and-running, therefore decreasing overall downtime. Adding a mobile device with instant notifications can decrease downtime by letting workers know instantly when an urgent repair is needed.

Longer equipment life. Scheduling routine maintenance checks on equipment in a CMMS will allow workers to make minor repairs or adjustments before a piece of equipment breaks down. Making small adjustments and repairs over time instead of as needed helps equipment last longer.

Data analysis. A good CMMS will allow users to run a variety of reports and have drilldown capability. This will let maintenance professionals see tons of

information such as repair costs and equipment downtime.

Certifications and audits. Having all of the necessary information in one place makes passing inspections/audits and receiving certifications easy.

Enhanced productivity. Without a CMMS, technicians might waste time looking for the parts needed to complete the repairs. With this software, the tech can simply look at the parts screen and see exactly where the part is, and if it is being used at the time. Additionally, being able to schedule routine maintenance on equipment can save workers time by allowing them to plan for the task ahead of time.

Reduced overtime. A CMMS will cut overtime significantly by decreasing emergency repairs. Scheduling preventive maintenance tasks allows workers to prevent most urgent repairs.

Once you have decided a CMMS is a good fit for your company, you'll need to begin the daunting task of finding one that has everything you need. So, how do you do that?

  1. Understand your business needs. Things such as the size of your company, how many will be using the CMMS, how many assets you have, and the number of locations you need to manage are important things to consider when searching for a CMMS.
  2. Consider what you will use the software for. A good CMMS can get expensive, so it's important you get a system that has what you need, without additional functionality you don't.
  3. Compare software. Many CMMS software companies, including MAPCON, allow you to download an evaluation of the software for free.

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