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March 22, 2012

Reduce Inventory Using Equipment Maintenance Software

How reactive are you?  For instance, if you knew you would never have another unplanned breakdown, would you even need a stockroom at all? Of course, this is unrealistic and not likely to ever happen - but how far do you go the other direction? The more reactive you become, the bigger the stockroom you need - with more parts available on a moment's notice.

The idea behind using MAPCON Equipment Maintenance Software is to help take control of your maintenance program, and not just wait for something to happen and then react. If you know the condition of the equipment and follow your PM procedures on a regular basis, break downs and emergency repairs should disappear over time.

At the very least, costly unplanned repairs are greatly reduced, and the items needed to perform repair work will shrink the overall stockroom size necessary for getting the job done.  And, that’s the point!  The objective is to lower costs by prudently reducing your stockroom inventory.

While you still plan ahead for critical spares and those needed for the anticipated  PM work, you are no longer forced to keep on-hand all of those extras that are not going to be used for a long time, and this puts more money back in your pocket.

Inventory sitting on a shelf is money spent you can't get back. However, with careful planning and better PM procedures, you can greatly reduce that overhead cost. That’s the real value of MAPCON Equipment Maintenance Software.

Companies that are more proactive can run safely with leaner stockroom quantities and save money two ways - the cost of repair is less and the cost of storage is less. MAPCON Equipment Maintenance Software is a powerful tool and like many other power tools, when used properly, it can help you and your company save money by operating more efficiently!


John A. Appel

About the Author – John A. Appel

John A. Appel graduated with an MIS (Management of Information Systems) degree. He has been working with Mapcon Technologies, Inc. for almost 16 years, is an employee/owner and serves on the Board of Directors. John’s travels have taken him to 44 of the 50 states and several countries around the world helping our customers install the software and get started using MAPCON. He has given presentations at the Mapcon Users Group for over 10 years.

Working with Maintenance Professionals, Managers, and Supervisors from all types of plants and facilities, he suggests ways of tracking maintenance activities in MAPCON based on a variety of real world examples. John likes to focus on better efficiency and batch processing, and making it easier for users to utilize their CMMS. Many people have commented on the friendly and valuable customer service he provides.

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