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Case Study: Red Star Yeast

What is the Best Way to Migrate from Excel to a Professional CMMS?

When the plant first opened in 2005, they did not have a dedicated maintenance management system in place, so they used Excel spreadsheets, which caused a number of issues. For instance, one of the major problems with the spreadsheet were how repairs and inventory were tracked and managed. The spreadsheets made it very difficult to find anything, and there was a lot of duplicate information. Read the whole story…

Download the Case Study (PDF)

Case Study: Garden City, Kansas

How Can a Local Government Get Control Over Costs?

Originally, they maintained all 3.5 million dollars worth of inventory through a home-grown internal system created by one of their I.T. employees. All purchase orders and work orders had to be done on paper, which proved difficult to track. Their old system got the job done in the beginning, but as the city started to grow, so did their maintenance, inventory, and purchasing management needs. Read the whole story…

Download the Case Study (PDF)