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How can you customize your CMMS?

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You can customize your CMMS by first, choosing a CMMS that allows customization of key reports, field renaming, and deleting existing data fields and adding new custom fields. More important is the ability to add crucial functionality that reflects your unique requirements, work order procedures and, specialized reports and forms. Regrettably, not every CMMS application can accomplish customization. However, in-depth customization and system modification is possible!  Check with your CMMS supplier before you commit to any software! CMMS customization should be a critical feature option!

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We Offer Comprehensive Customization Services for MAPCON

Almost all professional computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software platforms assume a level of standardization that, unfortunately, does not fully meet the needs and expectations of every facility and industry user. At the same time, maintenance management has evolved in leaps and bounds in recent years. Many organizations have chosen MAPCON CMMS Software as their solution to handle maintenance management tasks.

Facilities and industries using MAPCON have implemented a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that is not only a robust, enterprise-level application, but is a completely full-featured system designed to gather and track critical data and carry out preventive maintenance (PM) and Work Order procedures. MAPCON CMMS Software is one of the most powerful, easy-to-use CMMS applications, and importantly, it is also one of the most affordable on the market today.

As an optional feature, MAPCON offers a broad array of customization possibilities for our CMMS clients.

Routine Customization Requests

MAPCON receives regular requests for customization. Here are some of the more typical examples we can handle:

  • Tables and Fields - Modify and/or rename, add or delete
  • MAPCON Windows - Modify and/or restructure
  • Lookups - Add custom columns, sort or search by lookup data
  • Reports and Forms - Create specialized reports and forms
  • Filters - Add special search filters
  • Interfaces - Use interfaces to send data, such as POs, change orders, inventory and much more
  • HTML Work Request Page - Add custom logos/colors, add equipment or locations
  • MAPCON Mobile App - Add custom screens

Other Customization Requests

Some organizations use tools others may not; or, have needs that are unique to their internal procedures and performance goals.

  • MBIRT Reporting Tool - Create reports, forms, charts/graphs, Work Order form
  • Custom Work Orders - "One-Step" process, add labor, material and vehicle hours
  • Site or Zone Specific Work Orders - Users see only primary site WOs and emails
  • PMs by Priority - Used to generate shutdown PMs by assigning a specific priority
  • Custom Batch WO - Who completed/cancelled with comments, load from Excel spreadsheet
  • Custom Work Requests - Add custom fields and/or comments and more

Here are some more examples of Customization Requests that MAPCON has facilitated for customers:

  • Web Service or File based Interfaces
  • Automated Barcode Scanning for Stockrooms
  • Specialized Tax code management for Purchasing
  • Work Order flow Management modifications
  • Customized Work Order or Purchase Order Forms
  • Data Migration Services;  and,
  • ERP Integration

Interface Module and ERP Integrations

MAPCON allows you to transfer data from your MAPCON Maintenance Software directly to multiple other systems. Our Interface Module can be configured to export information from MAPCON to other platforms at regular intervals. This is normally done for purchasing and inventory information but it can be configured to transfer many types of information.

We can configure the Interface Module to transfer data to almost any system. To date, we have used this module to transfer information to: Great Plains, Microsoft GP*, Agris, Oracle Financials*, DCS*, Lawson*, Metaviewer* and many other systems!

MAPCON can perform ERP integrations with web services or file-based transactions, such as cost information to Microsoft Dynamics, Purchasing information to Oracle and Lawson, or work order labor hours to SAP.

*NOTE: Configuration and integrations may require some custom programming depending on your specific requirements.

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