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Conestoga Spotlight

Red Star Yeast

http://redstaryeast.com/ Red Star Yeast Case Study

“My favorite thing about MAPCON actually doesn't involve the software. My favorite thing about MAPCON is the support that I receive from the employees there. Whenever I call the support line, or need to talk to a programmer, I know they will do everything they can to get my issue resolved. Red Star Yeast Spotlight Even if they have to go to other people for the solution, they will always find it. Also, I have never once been told "No" when it came to enhancements or customizations. They go out of their way to make things happen, and I really appreciate that. Easy to use product and very attentive staff. Very customer service oriented. I have yet to find a challenge they couldn't solve or an industry need they couldn't address.”
— Eric Tucker, Senior Technical Buyer & CMMS System Administrator, Red Star Yeast
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Garden City, Kansas

Garden City, KS

"Good morning —

I wanted to pass on some information that I thought you would like to hear.

Garden City Case Study

In 2013 and in 2014, our financial auditors warned us that our inventory control process was not adequate and steps to improve it should be taken. In 2014, we hired a Warehouse Manager, Mr. Tyler Patterson who had experience with the Mapcon system at his previous employer. We purchased the Mapcon inventory control programs and basically re-did everything involving inventory, work orders etc. for the Garden City Utilities Department.

It was a lot of work for us, and with the help and assistance of Mapcon employees we ended up with a completely new way of doing business.

Garden City Spotlight

Fast forward to the audit in 2015… we were congratulated for making major improvements from our auditors. Now, in December of 2016 (drum roll…) we had a 100% accuracy rating from our auditors on over $3.5 million in inventory and control of that inventory! Pretty awesome huh?

So, thank you to Mapcon and anyone out there thinking about a new system. I strongly urge you to look at Mapcon Technologies.

Happy New Year (2017)!"
— Mike Muirhead, Public Utilities Director, Garden City, Kansas
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Richard Palmer and Associates, Inc.

Maintenance Planning Scheduling Handbook

"As the author of McGraw-Hill’s best-selling Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook, I have had the privilege of working with a numerous clients using many different CMMS programs. I have also met with a number of the CMMS providers themselves. One of my favorite systems is MAPCON. I love MAPCON and the people behind it. The MAPCON people are extremely customer-oriented and are very easy to talk with . They are remarkably willing to make their system support the practices already in place as well as encourage best maintenance practices.

MAPCON is a great system with great support!"
—Doc Palmer, PE, MBA, CMRP, Managing Partner, Richard Palmer and Associates, Inc.
Author of McGraw-Hill’s Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook

Big River Resources Boyceville

Big River Resources Boyceville

"I have used MAPCON for over ten years and can't imagine my life without it. We track work orders, purchases, inventory, preventive maintenance schedules, and equipment with this software. Users include positions such as my own as the administrator, all the way to our Process Operators. The software is utilized by Safety and Production Coordinators, Lab and Maintenance Managers, as well as Maintenance and Process Technicians. If you do your work putting information into the system, getting information out is a breeze.

The thing I probably like the most is how MAPCON offers such a reliable and efficient way to track work, spare parts, labor, and purchases. Customer Support is always available when the need arises and MAPCON is diligent in improving the software continuously. They are open to suggestions and striving to make the software work for you. While I know no other CMMS programs, I also care not to."
— Joe Boesl, CMMS Administrator, Big River Resources Boyceville

United Wisconsin Grain Producers

United Wisconsin Grain Producers

"In the beginning, I called/emailed a tremendous amount. In time things came easier and I didn't have to call/email as much. Truthfully one day I got an email asking me how I was because he didn't hear from me in a while. It’s nice to know they are only a phone call or email away. Mapcon always gets back to me and if they can't at that moment they always send me another email address or phone number. It’s nice to know someone always has your back."
— Dawn Wheeler, Maintenance system Coordinator, United Wisconsin Grain Producers

University of Pennsylvania Health System

University of Pennsylvania Hospital

“As a hospital, it is vital that we pass our tri-annual inspection. Thanks to MAPCON, we were able to stay on track with our preventive maintenance and to report on equipment history without subjecting the inspectors to… mounds of paperwork.

These two factors were key to our department passing inspection which contributed to the entire hospital achieving accreditation with honors for the first time in the hospital's history.”
— Andrea Latzko, University of Pennsylvania Health System


Kenfreight East Africa Limited

I have found MAPCON user friendly, easy to work with and most impressive is their staff who are always ready to assist. (Thank you Brock, Ethan, and Cory)

I love its ability to consolidate a number processes in my organization, making it easy for references. Especially its ability to link particular costs to a work order.

Helps a lot in evaluation and disposal of equipment. And yes, it can be customized as per my organization needs too."
— Charity Kirigha, Kenfreight East Africa Limited

The Steel Network

The Steel Network

"I did a lot of searching around for a simple, easy to use maintenance program, and this one is the best one that I came across. It does everything that I need, it's perfect for our small company, yet can upgraded and customized to accommodate growth. And best of all, very reasonably priced!"
— A. Herrmann, Facilities Manager, The Steel Network

City of Omaha

City of Omaha

"We have used MAPCON for around 25 years, it is a great software for what we use it for at the City of Omaha. I would recommend this to any facility manager. I am thankful for MAPCON and for all their support over the years. Hope to have another great 25 years with MAPCON."
— Michael Oestmann, Contract Administration Manager, City of Omaha

Canyon-Owyhee School Service Agency

Canyon-Owyhee School Service Agency

"The most functional and affordable software there is. We searched the web for something that would provide what we needed at an affordable cost. Can't say enough good about MAPCON."
— John Bechtel, Maintenance Supervisor, Canyon-Owyhee School Service Agency

Golden Triangle Energy

"I just wanted to pass on a big 'Thank you' to you and the rest of the staff. We just had 2 audits and the auditors were both really impressed with how organized our records are, thanks to the capabilities of MAPCON. "Excellent" and "very well organized" were the exact words used by the auditors. One of the auditors was going to suggest MAPCON to other plants that he audits. Keep up the good work!"

— Greta Drewes, Golden Triangle Energy, Missouri

Gengras Motor Cars

Gengras Motor Cars

"I like this software. I am an IT professional, and have moved this software to new pc's as users have needed upgrades. The move is simple, support is world class, and my users are happy. The software is very intuitive, resulting in very few support calls on how to. I would recommend this to anyone looking!"
— Randy Taylor, Gengras Motor Cars

University of Vermont Health Network at CVPH

University of Vermont Health Network at CVPH

The customer support is phenomenal. When I have to call for support, the people that I speak with are always very friendly and extremely helpful. I still have plenty to learn and look forward to learning and introducing some of the features that our company has not yet used. The organization that MAPCON can provide to us for our equipment, inventory, and work order management will be very beneficial to our department."
— Maxine Barcomb, University of Vermont Health Network at CVPH

Tedd Wood LLC

Tedd Wood LLC

"Our company purchased the lite version and have been very happy with the support and the overall content of the software. I have used some of the more expensive CMMS programs and MAPCON has the same features at a substantially lower price. I would recommend this software to anyone trying to set up a PM program on a budget."
— Howard Keiser, Maintenance Manager, Tedd Wood LLC

Didion Milling, Wisconsin

Didion Milling

“MAPCON has revolutionized the way we look at maintenance,” said Mike Ensley, presentations coordinator for this year’s MAPCON Users’ Group Conference. "We’re recording real-time information, stocking smarter, using reports to plan better and maximizing plant uptime through the use of planned preventative maintenance.”
— Mike Ensley, CMMS Administrator for Didion Milling,
Didion Milling, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin

Full Text of Press Release October 22, 2013: Didion Milling Recognized for Excellence in Computerized Maintenance Management Systems