MAPCON Offers FREE!* Data Conversion & Migration

Customers Can Get Their Database Moved to MAPCON for FREE!

MAPCON is proud to offer its customers a free* Data Conversion Service to ensure you a smooth transition moving from older or insufficient computerized maintenance management systems to MAPCON's easy-to-use, powerful CMMS.

MAPCON can convert your data from competing CMMS platforms such as MP2, MaintiMizer, Maximo Advantage, MaintainIt and others. For new and existing MAPCON customers, this intricate and careful process is FREE! That's a super critical advantage for enterprise CMMS implementation when migrating from older, less-efficient CMMS systems to a more powerful tool such as MAPCON. If concern over the integrity and completeness of your CMMS data is holding you back from upgrading your system to the more powerful and capable CMMS offered by MAPCON, our FREE Data Conversion Service should convince you otherwise!

MAPCON Data Conversion Service

When it comes to the MAPCON Data Conversion Service, our job is not to change your company culture, naming systems or asset protection processes. Among our primary objectives is to ensure data integrity during data conversion. We will keep the conventions already established, but, where the CMMS platforms differ, introduce agreed upon logical and sensible solutions. MAPCON has converted many dozens of databases for organizations large and small. Why not call us today to see how we can help you? We are eager to answer your questions!

Let's take a look at how the FREE* MAPCON Data Conversion Service works:

  1. Assess and Validate. In this important phase, your data will be subjected to a detailed review. Your database will be thoroughly examined and analyzed by one of our expert systems analysts who will develop a comprehensive conversion plan of action;
  2. Evaluation Test System. In this phase, Mapcon sends the customer a test system with the converted database for evaluation and refinement, thus ensuring the system is working as intended and that data has been transferred as expected.
  3. Production Conversion. Finally, once any issues are resolved with the customer's full participation, the entire database is migrated to integrate perfectly with MAPCON CMMS software.

MAPCON Lite Legacy Systems

MAPCON has always supported its own customers in integrating database information with its newer upgrades. MAPCON still has many loyal customers who have used legacy versions of its MAPCON Lite application that are over 10 years old. We are truly proud of the fact that MAPCON has proven to be a robust and quality application over time. Yet, as with any software application, the day arrives when technology and professional advancements require a software upgrade. Are you ready? Call us today! Let us help you migrate to the new MAPCON!

*NOTE: Existing or new MAPCON customers only during migration to MAPCON CMMS software (purchase order may be required).


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