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Exclusive Advantages

The MAPCON Mobile App is the ONLY Mobile App that allows you to take pictures and attach them to your Work Orders!

FAST EMERGENCY RESPONSE capability! Using any smartphone, authorized staff can send immediate Work Requests supported by pictures in real time.

MAPCON Mobile CMMS for Smartphones & Tablets

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

MAPCON has the best Mobile CMMS solution there is.

The age of Mobile CMMS has finally arrived! CMMS, of course, stands for Computerized Maintenance Management Software. Many successful maintenance management professionals are very familiar with CMMS and CMMS Software. For those just starting out in the field, a good synopsis of CMMS is described by

MAPCON has the most comprehensive Mobile CMMS package available anywhere in the world. According to the U.S. government, mobile technology has transformed "healthcare, commerce, development and education." MAPCON Mobile CMMS provides professional maintenance managers with a transformative advantage in their quest to preserve productivity, profitability, and workplace safety. Call MAPCON today at 1-800-922-4336 to get more information.

Take a Picture. Attach It. Send a Work Order.

Imagine!  During a routine inspection, a member of the maintenance staff finds a leak seeping hydraulic fluid. Does the leak deserve immediate attention?  The staff member opens MAPCON CMMS directly from his smartphone, taps for a Work Order and then snaps a picture.  With just a few more taps the picture is attached to the Work Order and it's on its way to the appropriate supervisor for evaluation. Imagine?  Don't bother! Today such a scene is reality with MAPCON's Mobile App!

With our Mobile App capability your authorized maintenance staff has:

Mobile Quick Guide
  1. FAST EMERGENCY RESPONSE capability! Using any smartphone, or tablet, authorized staff can send immediate Work Orders supported by pictures in real time.
  2. Maintenance Manuals, Equipment Schematics, Safety Procedures are available right on their smartphones or tablets! With just a few taps on their smartphone or tablet screen, maintenance staff can access all types of documentation. Immediately. At the work site. No need to hike to a PC or log into a remote workstation.
  3. BARCODES are scanned easily to create Work Orders or pull in equipment information with any smartphone or tablet loaded with MAPCON's free Mobile app — and connected to a MAPCON CMMS software installation.
  4. The capability to RUN any report, including custom-generated filters directly from their smartphone or tablet! Reports display as PDF documents right on the Smartphone or tablet screen.
  5. Access to imagery, pictures and attachments of every kind including spreadsheets, PDFs, videos and websites. Staff equipped with smartphones and MAPCON's Mobile app can carry all the power of a potentially unlimited maintenance library right in their pocket!
  6. The ability to identify and contact any authorized Vendor by phone or email. Right now. Lookup the vendor. Tap on the phone number and the call is initiated. Tap on the email and type in the message. As simple and easy as sending a text message.
  7. A new, powerful CMMS capability provided exclusively by MAPCON Technologies, Inc.! Approve Work Orders from anywhere. Approve Purchase Orders too! Initiate and approve work requests. Scan barcodes and attach pictures from your smartphone or tablet camera. And, much more.

Look out for mobile apps that run in a browser. They are awkward to run and cannot attach pictures or scan barcodes.

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