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The LITE Version: Basic Maintenance Management

Full-Featured Work Order Management starting at only $495!

MAPCON LITE:  The World's Best Full-Featured CMMS for Facilities and Industry at an Unbeatable Price!

Mapcon Technologies, Inc. has been developing premier CMMS Software since 1982! That's before Microsoft Windows® even existed. At MAPCON we're focused soley on our CMMS software. This focus allows us to create the best CMMS software available today. Not only that, but we do it at a price so affordable it's downright shocking for yesteryear's management.

MAPCON offers its LITE version for organizations seeking a full-featured CMMS package that is not overloaded with extra functionality they will never use. MAPCON LITE is all about intelligent work order tracking and preventive maintenance management. It puts the right people at the right place — with the right materials, tools and instructions. Plus, you can "upgrade" your feature set to the next level (MAPCON PRO) at any time by merely paying the difference in price. MAPCON's advanced CMMS (Pro) can handle those tasks and many, many more.


MAPCON LITE gets the job done! Here's why:


Easily Affordable. LITE comes with a "can't fail" price tag!

No industrial-grade CMMS beats MAPCON LITE's value proposition as an affordable, full-featured maintenance management tool. Bar none!

First of all, our price point is the lowest on the market. You can own MAPCON LITE for as little as $495 and run it on your internal server. Or, you can choose to have MAPCON host it for you using our On-Demand (Software as a Service) version for as little as $30 per month. Now, that's just a better price all the way around!

Second, MAPCON's core rate methodology, "Concurrent Pricing", is the most rational pricing system on the market today. Simply put, with Concurrent Pricing you are NOT charged a monthly rate for every single staff member who must have access to MAPCON LITE. Instead, you only pay for a maximum number of Users who will access MAPCON LITE at any one time! So, if you have 20 maintenance personnel who must have access to MAPCON LITE, but only 5 will ever be "on" (using) the application at any one time, you can opt to pay for just 5 Users! And, then give access rights to all 20 staff members. Plus, you can adjust that number up or down with no penalty at any time. Now, that's intelligent. It's fair. And, that's a HUGE savings over competitor plans!

Why not contact MAPCON today? Just call 1-800-922-4336 or !


Concurrent User Licensing. NEVER pay for every single seat!

In the world of CMMS software, you have two basic choices:

  1. Pay for every single staff member who must have access to your CMMS software. This is known as "Named Seat" licensing. (So, if 25 people in several departments must have access, you will pay for at least 25 Users.) This can get pricey regardless of the unit rate. Or,
  2. Pay for a maximum number of Users accessing the CMMS software at any one time. That is, you pay ONLY for the number of concurrent users. (So, you may choose to pay for just 5 concurrent users and then grant access to all 25 personnel who must occasionally use the CMMS software).

Some MAPCON competitors use the "Named Seat" licensing scheme. This method of pricing is designed to increase revenue and maximize profits for the CMMS software producer. You are charged for every single person who must access the CMMS software. This system is expensive. It is inefficient. And, it's not really fair.

MAPCON is happy to report that our pricing methodology is the "Concurrent User" model. And, we've ALWAYS licensed our CMMS software this way. In our view, this is the intelligent method of licensing software. It's eminently fair. Best of all, this method can potentially lower your costs significantly.

Why not contact MAPCON today? Just call 1-800-922-4336 or !


Complete Workflow. Work Orders, Work Requests, Dispatch!

Track the trail of work from the requestor to the mechanic. Any user can create a work request to get the attention of the maintenance department. Use any PC workstation or smartphone (iPhone or Android) or tablet to start the process, and to also follow the progress along the way! Requests are turned into formal work orders, which can then be planned and scheduled. Optionally, dispatch work orders to a specific maintenance worker, and they'll get an e-mail including their list of orders. Once the work is done and the order is complete, the original requestor can be updated via e-mail that the work is finished, and now they know their request has been answered and dealt with.

MAPCON can show you the status of every request and order, whether it is pending completion, overdue, or still waiting for approval. Waiting for parts? Waiting for laborers? You'll know exactly where you stand, and can easily follow the flow of work throughout your facility.

Why not contact MAPCON today? Just call 1-800-922-4336 or !


Manage Preventive Maintenance. Daily, Weekly, Monthly!

Preventive maintenance is what we do best! After 30 years of development, we've learned how to get a handle on those challenging PM schedules, and we can help you get control of yours. Of course we can do daily, weekly, monthly, and annual time-based PM work. We also go further, allowing an irregular schedule to be established using a 52-week method of generation. There is lots of flexibility! Perhaps a weekly work order always comes due on a Wednesday no matter the day of the month, or maybe one monthly order is always due on the 1st, and another monthly order is always on the 15th, spreading out the schedule so not everything is due at once.

Why not contact MAPCON today? Just call 1-800-922-4336 or !


FAST Work Requests. Any approved staff - Email, Smartphone!

Work requests are quick and simple! Get the attention of the maintenance department by filling out a simple form. Basically, Where are you (or do you know the equipment #?), Who are you?, and What is the nature of the request? That's it!

MAPCON will provide the requestor with a list of equipment and/or buildings they have access to, allowing them to pick from the list with a simple mouse-click, without having to type long names or having to remember equipment numbers. Get the right entity the first time by using these handy Lookup lists! They include data filters to help narrow down the choices quickly so they can easily find what they're looking for. Eliminate as much data entry as possible to make the process go faster, that's our philosophy.

Large groups of users can login with a generic, Group Login, greatly simplifying the setup of the system. The work request form has just 2 more things to fill in, your name and your phone number, so it is still a superfast form to fill out. What is the time savings by not having to create 20 logins? Hours reduced down to minutes! Not only is our request form fast to fill in, the setup is fast, too!

Why not contact MAPCON today? Just call 1-800-922-4336 or !


Flexible Delivery. Your server or ours (On-Demand-SaaS)!

Many organizations want to own and operate their CMMS software. Unlike some of our competitors, MAPCON is prepared to sell you our CMMS software outright! You run it on your servers. All for just a one-time charge based on the options you choose. You can upgrade your software at any time by paying for the upgrade or additional options you choose just as you would for any normal software application. Plus, MAPCON Support is available, but it's entirely up to you whether or not you opt for our Support services.

On the other hand, you may choose to have MAPCON host your CMMS software on our servers using our On-Demand (Software as a Service) option. MAPCON On-Demand technology delivers the fastest, most comprehensive CMMS software in the industry. Opt for On-Demand and you'll find MAPCON is easy to use and set up! It comes with full Support at no extra charge! And, there is NO annual commitment required!

Why not contact MAPCON today? Just call 1-800-922-4336 or !


Smartphone Integration. Apple, Android, tablets!

Take a picture. Attach it. Send a Work Order! The MAPCON Mobile App is the ONLY Mobile App that allows you to take pictures and attach them to your Work Orders!

  • FAST EMERGENCY RESPONSE capability! Using any smartphone or tablet, authorized staff can send immediate Work Orders supported by pictures in real time.
  • Maintenance Manuals, Equipment Schematics, Safety Procedures are available right on their smartphones, or tablets! With just a few taps on their smartphone or tablet screen, maintenance staff can access all types of documentation. Immediately. At the work site. No need to hike to a PC or log into a remote workstation.
  • The ability to scan BARCODES on equipment and parts with any smartphone or tablet loaded with MAPCON's free Mobile app - and connected to a MAPCON CMMS software installation.
  • The capability to RUN any report, including custom-generated filters directly from their smartphone or tablet! Reports display as PDF documents right on the smartphone or tablet screen.
  • Access to imagery, pictures and attachments of every kind including spreadsheets, PDFs, videos, websites. Staff equipped with Smartphones and MAPCON's Mobile app can carry all the power of a potentially unlimited maintenance library right in their pocket!
  • The ability to identify and contact any authorized Vendor by phone or email. Right now. Lookup the vendor. Tap on the phone number and the call is initiated. Tap on the email and type in the message. As simple and easy as a teenager sending a text message.
  • A new, powerful CMMS capability provided exclusively by Mapcon Technologies, Inc.! Initiate and approve work requests. Scan barcodes and attach pictures from your Smartphone or tablet camera. And, much more.

Why not contact MAPCON today? Just call 1-800-922-4336 or !


Microsoft Active Directory. Single Sign-On Integration!

Admittedly, this very valuable feature may only excite the technology experts among our customers. Nevertheless, it's an outstanding service that is very important to potential customers considering the purchase of MAPCON CMMS software!

For the non-technology lay person, the integration of Microsoft Active Directory automates the work station/PC "sign on" (or login) process that greatly simplifies MAPCON CMMS software for the end user. In other words, you login to MAPCON when you login to your work station PC! Your assigned rights and privileges for MAPCON CMMS software are set by your administrator and there is no need for further action by the end user.

Integration of Microsoft Active Directory is one more reason why MAPCON is WAY ahead of the competition!

Why not contact MAPCON today? Just call 1-800-922-4336 or !


No Annual Commitment. You'll always get the Best Price!

No professional CMMS software is as affordable and accessible as MAPCON CMMS products. None.

Better still, you are never forced to "sign up" for an annual commitment in order to get our best price. If you want to purchase our CMMS software outright, that's fine! Don't need or want our Annual Support package? No problem! Prefer to use our CMMS software on a monthly basis? Again, that's not a problem. We'll deliver the package you choose directly to your Workstations, smartphones, or tablets right over the Web. On a month-to-month basis. Not a problem!

MAPCON makes using or owning the CMMS software package you need a completely easy, no-hassle process. No annual commitment required. No penalties to upgrade. No hidden fees.

Why not contact MAPCON today? Just call 1-800-922-4336 or !


Outstanding Support. ALL customers get priority support!

MAPCON believes that our CMMS software is so comprehensive it offers a solution for almost any manufacturer, facility or organization. That's not all though. Our MAPCON team provides absolutely the best customer service of any competing CMMS software! When you call our support department you'll never get shunted to an untrained telephone operation located in some faraway land. Our customer service is located right here at our headquarters in the Midwest United States. You speak directly with the very technicians who maintain the software you use every day! Our service alone sets us apart and ahead of the competition.

We're proud of the fact that Mapcon Technologies customers are our most fervent evangelists. And why not? With over 30 years of maintenance management history, a 100% employee-owned company, an independent users group, maintenance management products for every size and type of organization and top-notch personal support service, no one beats MAPCON.

Why not contact MAPCON today? Just call 1-800-922-4336 or !

MAPCON LITE has the Features You Need!
(Some features are included in Advanced Modules)


  • Concurrent user licensing – We don't charge by the user, which will save you money!
  • Sortable lookups with filtering
  • Document and image attachments* – View and attach pictures and documents to equipment and work requests.
  • Preset security and group profiles – Control who can access certain screens.
  • Smartphone and tablet integration* – Take your CMMS with you anywhere!
  • Tile menu interface with live tiles
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Multiple sites (Enterprise)


  • Standard reporting – Over 200 standard reports included!
  • Email reports – Send reports to employees via email!
  • Report generator – Easily design your own reports.
  • Business Intelligence Reporting Tool – Our enhanced reporting tool makes drilling down easier and faster!


  • Tool Control*
  • Checklists*
  • Work requests and orders
  • Preventive maintenance
  • PM forecasting – See what work is planned in advance.
  • After-the-fact work orders* - Forget to create a work order for repairs done? No problem! Simply create an after-the-fact work order.
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports* - Easily run reports detailing important information about your equipment, including top costs, top failures, and PM compliance reports.


  • Equipment database
  • Unlimited equipment specifications
  • Equipment bill of materials
  • Equipment lubrication routes* – Save time while performing preventive maintenance.


  • Receive requisitions
  • Purchase requisitions
  • Vendor and manufacturer management – Easily order new parts and equipment right from your CMMS!

Human Resources

  • Human resource tracking
  • Basic resource scheduler* – Our basic calendar-based resource scheduler has everything you need to start getting PMs and work orders scheduled fast!

System Utilities


  • Asset cost history
  • Cost centers (accounts)
  • Departments


  • Inventory database
  • Critical spares
  • Vendors used

*included in an advanced module

MAPCON LITE Advanced Modules

  1. Advanced Administration — The Advanced Administration Option includes Change Key, Attachments, Automatic Email Management and MS Active Directory Integration.
  2. Advanced Maintenance — The Advanced Maintenance Option includes Batch Work Order Close, After the Fact Work Order, KPI Reports and Maintenance/Lubrication Routes.
  3. Advanced Utilities — The Advanced Utilities Option includes Microsoft® Excel Importing and Report Generator.
  4. Service Billing — The Service Billing Option allows the MAPCON user to bill costs to other departments, or, to accounting for customer billing.
  5. Barcoding — The Barcoding Option includes Easily print Barcode labels for Inventory and Equipment.
  6. MAPCON Mobile — The Mobile Option includes use with smartphones and/or tablets.
  7. Advanced Human Resources — Basic Work Order Resource Scheduler.


For a printable list (PDF) of ALL the features provided in MAPCON LITE, Click Here.

MAPCON LITE gets the job done! It starts saving money and preserving assets and equipment from day one. In fact, starting with its Quick Setup Wizard, you can start using MAPCON LITE in under 10 minutes! You can be analyzing data immediately with its user-friendly Report Generator. MAPCON will run on your server or we can host it for you with our On-Demand (SaaS) option.

Besides complete preventive maintenance control, MAPCON LITE smoothly handles Work Orders and Work Requests. It manages your work flow including requests, orders and dispatching. With MAPCON LITE, storeroom (parts inventory) management is a cinch, including ordering. It handles Purchase requests. And, this is just the beginning. Just check our detailed Feature List!

MAPCON LITE will even work for operations managing multiple locations! School districts have multiple campus locations. Retail chains have more than one store. Medical facilities have multiple building sites and parking structures. MAPCON LITE works perfectly with our Enterprise multi-site option.

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Why not get started with MAPCON LITE today? Call us at 1-800-922-4336 or schedule a free, no obligation product Demo right away!

Add Value to Your MAPCON CMMS With Optional Advanced Modules!

One of the most important benefits of MAPCON CMMS is its assumption that your organization wants top-notch maintenance management software without unnecessary bells and whistles added merely to drive up the price point. Yet, MAPCON recognizes that every organization has different priorities and processes. That's why we offer a compelling array of optional add-ons, extensions and modules – and even optional customizations – to enhance your maintenance management capabilities.

Within MAPCON, both our Lite and Pro versions already bring substantial CMMS performance power that by themselves are more than many organizations need. For others, however, having advanced capacity in certain contexts is critical to maintain existing efficiencies and practices. While extensions and modules differ between our Lite and Pro versions, please take a look at what MAPCON CMMS can offer:

MAPCON Advanced Modules (Optional)

  1. MAPCON Mobile — Use with smartphones and tablets. Learn more...
  2. Barcoding — The MAPCON Barcode Module is your answer to integrating fixed assets such as equipment, parts and other movable items with your operations data-collection systems. Learn more...
  3. Interface Module — The Interface Module transfers important data from your MAPCON system to another software system or multiple software systems. Learn more...
  4. Advanced Inventory — MAPCON's Inventory Module means reliable and efficient inventory management. Learn more...
  5. Advanced Purchasing — MAPCON Purchasing Module manages the entire CMMS Procurement Process. Learn more...
  6. Advanced Administration — The Advanced Administration Option includes Microsoft Active Directory Integration, Dashboards, Change Key, Filter Management, Attachments and System Scheduler. Learn more...

For a printable list (PDF) of ALL the features provided in MAPCON CMMS, Click Here.

  1. Advanced Human Resources — MAPCON's Human Resources Module is all about tracking labor, measuring labor efficiency and obtaining accurate labor costs on a per machine basis. Learn more...
    • Work Order Resource Scheduler — Included with the Advanced Human Resources Module, MAPCON Scheduler is an outstanding, drag-and-drop calendar-based scheduling tool that will really make life easy for busy maintenance staff! Learn more...
  2. Advanced Maintenance — MAPCON's Advanced Maintenance Module enables your CMMS to drill down into your maintenance management process to uncover unsurpassed detail and enable complete optimization of personnel and material. Learn more...
  3. Service Billing — Service billing allows the MAPCON User to bill costs to other departments, or, to accounting for customer billing. Includes quoting features. Learn more...
  4. System Utilities — System Utilities includes a Label Editor, SQL Editor, Menu Generator, Microsoft® Excel Importing and Report Generator. Learn more...
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