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What is Facility Maintenance Software?

Facility Maintenance Software is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) platform designed to enable facility managers to implement comprehensive maintenance management activities. Facilities such as hospitals, universities, manufacturing plants and, ethanol fuel refineries require proficient work order and crew scheduling, as well as, preventive maintenance of critical equipment and assets and, MRO inventory control.

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Facilities Maintenance Software

Professional facility management for hospitals, university and college campuses, corporate and government locations requires professional facility maintenance management of infrastructure, environmental and safety systems.

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Beyond ongoing structural integrity and HVAC systems, facility managers must track and maintain electrical, communications, plumbing, fire protection systems, as well as outdoor access roadways, sidewalks, landscaping, parking lots, and recreational areas.

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MAPCON's facility management software has been created with the busy facility manager in mind! You can Start a free trial of our facility maintenance software and create your first Work Order in less than 10 minutes! Facility managers expect that MAPCON's facilities software functions as intuitively as possible with the shortest possible learning curve. After all, their job is maintenance management not educating themselves to use complex computer programs!

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Powerful MAPCON CMMS Modules

Learn more today! MAPCON Mobile | Barcoding | Interface Module | Advanced Inventory | Advanced Purchasing | Advanced Human Resources | Advanced Maintenance | Advanced Administration | Service Billing | System Utilities.


No competing facilities management software package offers the sheer number of features and options that are contained in the MAPCON facilities software package at a price on par with our terrific value. MAPCON feels that facility managers shouldn't have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in facility management software in order to obtain the functionality MAPCON facility software offers in its suite of standard features or in its optional modules.

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MAPCON wants you to use our facilities maintenance software! In fact, we have designed MAPCON facility software pricing to be affordable starting out and remain advantageous as you grow into our more advanced options and modules. Our pricing is the most cost-efficient of any competitor in the facilities management software industry.

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At MAPCON, our employees (many of whom are MAPCON investors) treat every one of our customers just like family! When you contact MAPCON, your call or email is routed directly into our headquarters here in the American Midwest. There are no robots or annoying announcements on our phone system. Just us. Personal. Friendly. Helpful. And, expert! It's the type of service and after the sale support you, and each one of our customers, has come to know and expect.

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MAPCON facility management software customers know that we stand ready to make our facilities software reflect the unique needs and expectations of those who see a need to customize our CMMS application. Customization is an optional opportunity for business and government entities interested in certain modifications in our facility maintenance functionality. MAPCON always stands ready to meet your unique needs and expectations.

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MAPCON has the facility maintenance software you need

Our basic Facilities Maintenance Management software is called MAPCON Lite. MAPCON Lite is a dynamic, full-featured facility management software at a can't fail price. MAPCON Lite does the job you need without a lot of extra functionality your staff does not need. Learn more.

We call our advanced Facilities Maintenance Management software, MAPCON Pro. MAPCON Pro is a comprehensive facilities management software package that is fully affordable for almost every professional operation. MAPCON Pro is used by America's space agency, major corporate and government campuses. Learn more!

Better still! MAPCON facilities maintenance software can be accessed using Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. Our software is available as an On-Demand (SaaS) or cloud-based system or can be hosted on your own servers. Optionally, MAPCON facility maintenance software can be upgraded anytime without penalty, for instance, to add multiple locations and zones including different campuses located over a wide geography.

Mapcon Technologies, Inc. provides Facility Maintenance Software systems to assist your organization to meet and exceed your facilities maintenance management goals. Here are just some of the advantages of MAPCON facility management software:

  • Implement professional preventive maintenance of every property asset
  • Gain immediate control of facility maintenance costs
  • Authorize office and warehouse managers, tenants and staff to initiate work requests
  • Integrate facility maintenance data with administration, purchasing, and inventory management systems
  • Manage work orders and track labor and inventory

Learn more about MAPCON Facilities Maintenance Software

Let's get started! Why not contact us right now? MAPCON technicians are waiting to talk to you right now about your facility, campus or property complex. Whether your organization operates a single facility or has locations across the globe, MAPCON facility management software will impress you! Let us help you put together a facilities maintenance management software package designed just for your properties. We are eager to demonstrate how our facility management system can improve your bottom line. Don't wait! Just call us or email us!

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Add Value to Your MAPCON CMMS With Optional Advanced Modules!

One of the most important benefits of MAPCON CMMS is its assumption that your organization wants top-notch maintenance management software without unnecessary bells and whistles added merely to drive up the price point. Yet, MAPCON recognizes that every organization has different priorities and processes. That's why we offer a compelling array of optional add-ons, extensions and modules – and even optional customizations – to enhance your maintenance management capabilities.

Within MAPCON, both our Lite and Pro versions already bring substantial CMMS performance power that by themselves are more than many organizations need. For others however, having advanced capacity in certain contexts is critical to maintain existing efficiencies and practices. While extensions and modules differ between our Lite and Pro versions, please take a look at what MAPCON CMMS can offer:

MAPCON Advanced Modules (Optional)

  1. MAPCON Mobile — Use with smartphones and tablets. Learn more...
  2. Barcoding — The MAPCON Barcode Module is your answer to integrating fixed assets such as equipment, parts and other movable items with your operations data-collection systems. Learn more...
  3. Interface Module — The Interface Module transfers important data from your MAPCON system to another software system or multiple software systems. Learn more...
  4. Advanced Inventory — MAPCON's Inventory Module means reliable and efficient inventory management. Learn more...
  5. Advanced Purchasing — MAPCON Purchasing Module manages the entire CMMS Procurement Process. Learn more...
  6. Advanced Administration — The Advanced Administration Option includes Microsoft Active Directory Integration, Dashboards, Change Key, Filter Management, Attachments and System Scheduler. Learn more...

For a printable list (PDF) of ALL the features provided in MAPCON CMMS, Click Here.

  1. Advanced Human Resources — MAPCON's Human Resources Module is all about tracking labor, measuring labor efficiency and obtaining accurate labor costs on a per machine basis. Learn more...
    • Work Order Resource Scheduler — Included with the Advanced Human Resources Module, MAPCON Scheduler is an outstanding, drag-and-drop calendar-based scheduling tool that will really make life easy for busy maintenance staff! Learn more...
  2. Advanced Maintenance — MAPCON's Advanced Maintenance Module enables your CMMS to drill down into your maintenance management process to uncover unsurpassed detail and enable complete optimization of personnel and material. Learn more...
  3. Service Billing — Service billing allows the MAPCON User to bill costs to other departments, or, to accounting for customer billing. Includes quoting features. Learn more...
  4. System Utilities — System Utilities includes a Label Editor, SQL Editor, Menu Generator, Microsoft® Excel Importing and Report Generator. Learn more...
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