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MAPCON CMMS: 6 Unbeatable Advantages!

No Annual Commitment

MAPCON does not lock its customers into annual contracts. You may start or stop MAPCON at any time. Best of all, MAPCON CMMS pricing does not have hidden costs that later may surprise its customers.

Own or Lease

MAPCON allows you to choose: Purchase MAPCON to run on your on-premise server  or use our cloud-based hosting service.  Either way, you can upgrade your CMMS software at any time.

Concurrent-User Licensing

Many CMMS software companies charge clients for every single "seat"  (user) that uses their product. MAPCON only charges customers according to how many people are using the software at the same time.

In-House Support

All calls for support are answered directly by our technicians in Des Moines, Iowa. MAPCON will never outsource support. (Optional for On-Premise Servers)

Smartphone Integration

Using any smartphone or tablet, authorized staff can send immediate Work Orders supported by pictures in real-time and much more. (MAPCON Mobile is an Option)

Advanced Modules

Increase the power of your MAPCON CMMS software for Inventory, Purchasing, Maintenance, Human Resources, Administration, and more. (Optional)

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MAPCON Pricing

How much would MAPCON cost? Why not find out!

At last, a CMMS price point that makes perfect sense.

$69 per month base price
$1200 to purchase, base price

MAPCON’s world-class Professional version has a base price of just $69 per month for one concurrent user and 100 assets. Or, only $1200 to own it on-premise. We don't load you up with functions you don't need or want. Why not check out our Pricing Page or call us right now  to learn more?


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MAPCON! Your choice: Lite or Professional CMMS!

MAPCON CMMS is affordable AFFORDABLE: Starting at just  $35 per month if Cloud-Based or $595 to own!
MAPCON is robust and full-featured PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE: Robust and full-featured  Work Order Management and PMs!
MAPCON CMMS uses equipment and inventory databases DATABASES: Equipment and  Inventory databases, plus Asset and Cost History.
MAPCON CMMS offers over 200 standard reports REPORTS: Over 200  standard reports, plus you can create your own reports too!
MAPCON CMMS requires no annual commitment NO ANNUAL COMMITMENT: No  penalties to upgrade. No  hidden fees.

NOTE: MAPCON CMMS (Lite or Pro) minimum pricing is based upon One Concurrent User (that is, one person using the system at a time)  and 100 assets. For smaller facilities, this may be entirely adequate. However, the needs of some organizations may vary. For instance, a small or medium-sized manufacturer may need more concurrent users, more assets, or, add-ons (see: "modules")  that expand their management options. These choices will affect the price of MAPCON CMMS software.

MAPCON Professional CMMS
MAPCON offers unlimited site-wide Work Request access EVERYTHING found in MAPCON Lite, plus UNLIMITED  site-wide Work Request access.
MAPCON CMMS offer indepth planning and scheduling PLANNING and SCHEDULING of parts and labor on work orders and PM's
MAPCON Pro has meter & guage readings METER & GAUGE READINGS: Plus PMs based on those meter/gauge readings.
MAPCON Pro tracks equipement, crews and safety procedures TRACKING: Equipment downtime, warranty, crew & shift tracking plus, Safety Procedures.
MAPCON Pro does not require any annual commitment NO ANNUAL COMMITMENT: No  penalties to upgrade. No  hidden fees.

MAPCON Professional is the most advanced CMMS Software available anywhere and provides the capability to control asset management across a wide range of departments, zones, and locations. MAPCON Pro is the CMMS of choice for many regional and national organizations with significant maintenance requirements.

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Try It Free!

Try MAPCON CMMS using a FREE 30-Day Evaluation.


Schedule a MAPCON Demo with a Solutions Advisor.

MAPCON Pricing

How much would MAPCON cost? Why not find out!

Add Value to Your MAPCON CMMS With Advanced Modules!

MAPCON recognizes that every organization has different priorities and processes. That's why we offer a compelling array of optional  add-ons, extensions and modules – and even optional customizations – to enhance your maintenance management capabilities.

MAPCON Advanced Modules (Optional)

MAPCON Mobile MAPCON Mobile — Bring your CMMS software with you wherever you go with our standalone mobile app! Attach images, initiate and complete work orders, run reports, and much more, from your phone. Our app is compatible with any Android or iPhone smartphone or tablet.

MAPCON Barcode Module Barcoding — MAPCON's Barcode Module allows users to instantly pull up equipment IDs and other valuable information, such as inventory information, repair history, and other specs just by scanning a barcode. The module can be paired with our mobile app, making things even easier.

The Interface Module Interface Module — The Interface Module allows the seamless transfer of important data from your MAPCON CMMS to other systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, and Summit ERP, as well as many others. We can even custom create a data interface with any system.

Advanced Inventory Advanced Inventory — Reduce operational costs by gaining control over your vendors with MAPCON's Advanced Inventory Module. This module lets users track parts in real-time and provides up-to-date inventory status reports. Users can also establish smart reorder points to ensure parts are on-hand when needed.

Advanced Purchasing Advanced Purchasing — MAPCON's Advanced Purchasing Module assists users with every part of the entire purchasing process, from requisitions to invoicing, making the acquisition workflow as efficient as possible. Additionally, the module helps enforce spending controls while also shortening the overall purchase cycle.

Advanced Administration Advanced Administration — Save your company time and money with MAPCON's Advanced Administration Module! Designed for busy maintenance professionals, this module makes it possible for critical reports and work orders to be automatically generated, and images or documents to be attached to item records.

Advanced Human Resources Advanced Human Resources — Intelligent work order crew assignment and crew scheduling is simple with MAPCON's Advanced Human Resources Module. This add-on also helps to increase wrench time by allowing administrators to track employee efficiency, which can then help with important human resources decisions.

Advanced Maintenance Advanced Maintenance — This module gives users the equipment-related information needed to determine the best, most cost-effective course of action when it comes to machine repairs. It also provides important historical information on metrics such as inspection routes, checklists, downtime, and other measurement points.

Service Billing Service Billing — The Service Billing module allows the MAPCON user to bill costs, such as labor or parts, to other departments, or to accounting for customer billing. The module also includes quoting features and the ability to have a customer database as well.

System Utilities System Utilities — By adding the System Utilities module, users will gain the ability to personalize menus and create a multitude of customized system reports, simply by pulling and displaying specific data directly from their MAPCON CMMS software, truly making their system their own.

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