MAPCON Tool Control

MAPCON Smart Maintenance: Tool Control!

MAPCON Tool Control (a feature of our Advanced Maintenance Module) can save your organization thousands by helping to eliminate lost and duplicate tools.

MAPCON Tool Control introduces efficient tool management and a solid tool tracking system.

Let us demonstrate how it can:

  • Increase employee and contractor productivity
  • Decrease machine downtime
  • Stock the tools you need
  • Put an end to tool duplication

Below, we have provided two videos to help demonstrate how to get started, and how to use, MAPCON Tool Control to make your maintenance program efficient and successful. To learn more about MAPCON CMMS using our video library, please visit our Product Video page!

Tool Control
Batch of Tools

Plan, Maintain and Track Your Tools!

Tool Control is a feature of the Advanced Maintenance Module in versions for both MAPCON Lite and MAPCON Pro.

Example: MAPCON Tool Control check-in/checkout.

MAPCON Tool Control check-in/checkout

Example: MAPCON Mobile Tool Control check-in/checkout.

MAPCON Mobile Tool Control check-in/checkout

Advantages of MAPCON Tool Control:

Tool Planning. When planning work orders, tools can be attached. Attaching tools to a work order ensures workers know exactly what will be needed for the repair, and where it is located. Planning tools ahead of repairs helps make sure the repair is completed in a more timely manner.

Tool Maintenance. Tool Control makes it possible for users to write work orders and preventive maintenance (PM) tasks on a tool. Performing regular maintenance on tools can extend their lifetime, and save your company money.

Tool Tracking. Knowing where critical tools are at all times is essential. That’s why MAPCON Tool Control allows users to see where the tool is, and the status of it. This feature also shows which employee had the tool last, which can be useful if a tool goes missing.

Cost Tracking. Track repair costs on tools with Tool Control. Users can also see the total cost of repairs during the lifetime of a tool, which can help determine if it is more cost-effective to purchase a new tool, or keep repairing it.

History Retention. Tracking the repair history on a tool can be useful for setting up and scheduling regular PMs. By analyzing when a tool needs repairs and scheduling PMs beforehand, downtime and expenditures can be reduced.

Mobile Integration. Pairing Tool Control with MAPCON Mobile makes it even easier to check in and check out tools. Since workers can use their smartphone or tablet, a tool can be checked in or out right from the floor.

Barcode Integration. Our barcode module makes the check-in/check-out process even easier. Users can simply scan the tool, and the necessary information for the tool will come up. This can help eliminate data entry errors.

Features in Lite

  • Tool check-in/check-out
  • Mobile check-in/check-out
  • Tool management
  • Tool cost tracking

Features in Pro

  • All of the Lite features, PLUS…
  • Tool planning
  • Advanced tool cost tracking
  • Tool check-in/check-out codes
  • Tool crib stocking designation
  • Batch tool generation
  • Email notifications on repair status
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