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September 15, 2020

CMMS Training Benefits

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) can be overwhelming when considering its numerous abilities. Fortunately, training is available to assist users.

Maintenance managers can learn how to maximize the usage of the software within their company. Here are a few reasons why CMMS training is beneficial.

Interface Basics

Again, maintenance software can appear overwhelming at the start of the process. The first step in training is to learn, from a professional, the basics of the interface. There are various buttons, icons, color codes, text fields, and more to learn. Learning the basics of the interface is the most important step of training. Without a strong grasp and understanding of the interface basics, it will be difficult to begin mastering the system.

In-Depth Features

Another benefit of training is learning the in-depth features of the software. There are many valuable features: creating work orders, managing assets, tracking inventory, and more. These features will increase regular productivity. Because these features are utilized daily, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of their capabilities.

Ability to Operate Smoothly

Training is key to managing a smooth maintenance operation. Untrained employees can cause various difficulties. If an untrained employee makes an error within the system, it disrupts the operation. This disruption can accumulate more costs. For example, if an untrained employee initiated a repair work order and does not dispatch it to an employee, the repair may not get completed. Depending on how high the priority of the work order was, the problem could have gotten worse. To allow time for this now larger problem to be repaired, there could be some costly downtime for the plant or company until the repair is resolved. When employees learn the most reliable way to use the features, errors like this will be more limited.

Save Time

Attempting to learn how to run a CMMS on your own can be both time-consuming and tedious. It is wise to invest time in training when beginning to use a CMMS. Training is imperative to enhancing the skills of employees and expanding their knowledge on a swift workflow. Without training, the employee will be learning the features of the software one piece at a time and most likely will miss important aspects, such as the ability to add attachments or create checklists, which are both beneficial for managing maintenance. Setting aside time for training with a professional will save additional time in the future.

Building a Connection

The opportunity for users to build a connection with the software company they will be working with is another training benefit. Training provides a chance to become more acquainted with the individuals behind the software. This relationship is essential to ensure a company’s maintenance management is in secure hands.

Training Options

Most CMMS companies have training options. Mapcon Technologies, Inc. has three options to meet any company’s needs. These three training options are in-house, on-site, or online.

In-house training is held at Mapcon Technologies, Inc. headquarters in Johnston, Iowa, and typically is three days in length. In-house training allows for hands-on instruction, and every attendee has access to a computer to follow along. In-house training offers three classes: MAPCON 7 Fundamentals, MAPCON Professional Advanced Training, and MAPCON 5 Fundamentals.

On-site user training is the second training option. A professional will travel to your facility and show how MAPCON can benefit your maintenance management department or company. On-site user training also has an additional benefit of direct training with your system and your data. This option is very flexible to ensure all needs are met.

Training online is the last training option. For companies that are unable to travel, this option is popular. Mapcon Technologies, Inc. can host online classes from one person to a group of people or a one-on-one class designed specifically for users who have advanced modules.

These three training options are available to guarantee users are knowledgeable of the use of the powerful MAPCON software.

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