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January 07, 2022

Steve Wigton - Point Guard of the Winning Mapcon Team

Steve Wigton - Point Guard of the Winning Mapcon Team

For 30 years, Steve Wigton enjoyed working and playing on a professional business court where he could reach his goals and helps others do the same. Before he bid a fond farewell to Mapcon Technologies to enjoy his retirement, I had a chance to sit with him and ask him to reflect on his three decades with the company and the changes he has seen and encouraged.

When Steve started with the company in 1992, "MAPCON was in transition," he said.

The software operated in DOS, but in the early nineties, technology was moving from the DOS system to Windows. He admired the challenges and achievements of MAPCON programmers to develop and evolve the software to not only grow in a Windows environment, but match changing trends and needs of customers.

Steve moved into training with the objective to help companies learn how to utilize and adapt the software Mapcon developed. Soon, he found himself in sort of a hybrid role, incorporating sales techniques as well as more training.Steve Wigton - Point Guard of the Winning Mapcon Team He attended trade shows, shared how Mapcon conducted on-site training and consulting, thereby further assisting customers in achieving success.

Regarding the evolution of MAPCON throughout the years, he commented, "[MAPCON] can help. I’ve seen it help." He cited the valuable information sharing at Mapcon’s User Group conferences.

He pointed to the longevity of employees as well as their having more diversified roles to the continuing success of MAPCON. Steve also helped push the development of the mobile application which expanded how businesses used MAPCON.

When we discussed Mapcon’s future: "There are great people around here," he said, always saluting others on the Mapcon team.

He sees further improvements in the mobile app and staying on top of trends and the developing needs of various industries, from churches to large manufacturers.

"It’s good to know that everybody, together, can help us do that."


Stephen Brayton

About the Author – Stephen Brayton


Stephen L. Brayton is a Marketing Associate at Mapcon Technologies, Inc. He graduated from Iowa Wesleyan College with a degree in Communications. His background includes radio, hospitality, martial arts, and print media. He has authored several published books (fiction), and his short stories have been included in numerous anthologies. With his joining the Mapcon team, he ventures in a new and exciting direction with his writing and marketing. He’ll bring a unique perspective in presenting the Mapcon system to prospective companies, as well as our current valued clients.


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