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March 25, 2022

Ask MAPCON - April 2022

Once again, Mapcon presents questions from our valued customers that are answered by a member of our staff, eager to be of assistance.

Q: How do I change the Zone on Equipment?

A: This is an administration function, so it is not found in the regular menu for equipment and assets. Use the Admin menu to go to Maintenance Administration>Site and Zone Menu. There you will find the option to Reassign Zones.

You will need access to both zones. First, fill in which zone it is in now (the wrong one), select the equipment, and select the new zone. Click Reassign, then logout/login to see the result.

Q: How do I make sure the right person gets the work order?

A: Use Dispatching to assign the work order to one or more individuals. This can be found in more than one place, such as on the Labor page for PM Descriptions. In the Maintenance Planning menu, use Work Order Planning to see the Labor Planning page. Look down the left-hand side to see the option "Dispatched." Double click to select the Employee ID. People should have a valid email address in their User Profile if work orders are to be emailed when dispatched.

Q: How does the meter show up on the PM window?

A: Meters are first associated with pieces of equipment using the equipment data entry window. Use the Asset menu, Equipment, go to the “Meters” page. Type in a Meter # (use M1 if you don't have another number). Fill in the Units (miles, cycles, hours, turns, etc.) and Save the Record. Now when you look at the PM Description Frequency window, under “Elapsed Time/Meter” there will be a section in the lower right to set the Interval for the PM Trigger, for example, every 500 hours, etc.

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Stephen Brayton

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