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June 01, 2023

Reports For Auditors

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At the beginning of each year, do you do the same thing as the previous year? Do you scramble around, gathering a pile of all your forms and reports for the tax preparer? Even if you self-file, you still need all of the relevant documentation. What happens if you accidentally forget one?

As the supervisor at your facility, you understand the importance of organizing reports and files for when the auditors arrive. You don’t want to spend time searching through paper records within your office computer’s Documents folder to find required files, then spend more time collating and possibly printing everything. You’d rather have everything in one place for easy retrieval to ensure the time with the auditors goes as smoothly as possible.


Garden City, Kansas

The utility company uses Mapcon’s services and software to track costs and maintenance of over 1500 pieces of equipment.

Currently, they can show a 100% inventory accuracy audit rating.

Your facility maintenance software should be your assistant and filing partner. Of course, pre-planning the reports is the key to achieving the rating listed above. Think about what reports you’ll be needing. Inventory. Costs. Purchase Order totals. With Mapcon Technologies, planning is Step One in the services offered.

We can help identify the best report with the proper detail to satisfy what the auditor is requesting. Once the right reports are identified as being exactly what the auditor is asking for, use the Menu Generator to organize them into one place for next year and for years to come.

Step Two is putting the plan into action. Reports can be run to Excel so auditors have a familiar format to review. If the report is almost perfect but missing one or two key details, for example, the person’s name, or you need the Received Date, not the date it was Ordered, we can easily modify the reports and add/remove columns to have the data fields you need. Turnaround is usually within a few days, and many times even less than that. It does not take us long when we use our own internal Report Utility, designed for just this purpose. Our support staff is well-versed in its use and application.

Are you thinking that this sounds difficult? No worries. Mapcon’s Support team will show you the way to retrieve and exhibit the documentation to auditors.

You prioritize the organization of your tax forms. The same should be true if you’re the maintenance or plant supervisor who meets with the auditors. Expect more out of your CMMS.

You work hard. MAPCON helps you work even smarter.

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Stephen Brayton

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Stephen L. Brayton is a Marketing Associate at Mapcon Technologies, Inc. He graduated from Iowa Wesleyan College with a degree in Communications. His background includes radio, hospitality, martial arts, and print media. He has authored several published books (fiction), and his short stories have been included in numerous anthologies. With his joining the Mapcon team, he ventures in a new and exciting direction with his writing and marketing. He’ll bring a unique perspective in presenting the Mapcon system to prospective companies, as well as our current valued clients.


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