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5 Ways a Mobile CMMS Can Save Your Company Time and Money

Heather Wilkerson, Marketing Coordinator, Mapcon Technologies, Inc

These days, there’s a mobile app for just about everything. Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) are no exception. A good CMMS will also have a mobile app integrated, making it easier for a company to save both time and money. Here’s how the apps do that.


A mobile CMMS, such as MAPCON Mobile, allows workers to carry their CMMS system with them wherever they go. Work orders can be created and/ or completed from the floor using a smartphone or tablet, which can be a huge time saver. Since work orders can be created on the spot, workers no longer need to spend time trekking back to their desktop computer to get the repair process in motion. This also means they don’t have to try and remember details about the machine or needed repairs while finding a computer, which helps eliminate human error. Also, if you lose your internet connection while using MAPCON’s app, the information will be stored and updated once connectivity is restored.


Many reports can be run from a mobile device, and are displayed as PDFs. The ability to have virtually any report available at any given time can be a huge advantage. For example, if a maintenance manager is on vacation and is concerned about the amount of work being done while out, they can simply pull up their mobile CMMS app and run a report to see how many work orders were completed that day. It can also be helpful when managers are in a meeting, and specific reports are needed.

Mobile Alerts

One of the best features of a mobile CMMS app is the mobile alerts. Even when the app is not being used, workers can still receive important notifications. The software can be set up to send alerts for things such as purchase orders requiring approval, dispatched work orders, and many other things. Knowing immediately when an approval is needed on a purchase request means needed tools and inventory items can be purchased faster, thus reducing equipment downtime. Additionally, receiving a notice when a work order has been sent can really help get repairs made in a timely manner. This can also help decrease costly machine downtime.


A mobile CMMS allows users to add attachments, such as pictures or documents, to work orders. This can help clarify the exact issue on the equipment that needs repair work done, thus eliminating any confusion. For example, if an employee noticed a belt on a piece of equipment needs replaced, but the machine has more than one belt, the worker could simply attach a picture to the work order so technicians know which belt is needed before going to the floor to make the repairs. Additionally, documents such as a warranty or instruction manual can be added, which means users can realistically have the power of an unlimited maintenance library right in their pocket.

Barcode integration

Barcodes and a mobile CMMS are a match made in heaven. Adding barcodes to inventory and equipment is a great way to help prevent human entry errors. When using a barcode, workers can simply scan the barcode instead of manually entering the proper information into their CMMS. It only makes sense that a mobile app should be integrated into it as well. With barcoding and a mobile CMMS, workers can simply scan the barcode on their smartphone and tablet, and the information will come right up on their device. This can save a lot of time and virtually eliminate data entry errors.

Many people view being attached at the hip to a mobile device as a bad thing. But the truth is, when it comes to maintenance management, having a smartphone or tablet handy can be really beneficial. Whether it is receiving notice of a critical work order immediately, or being able to run reports on-the-fly, a mobile CMMS can prove to be a great addition to any maintenance plan.


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