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CMMS - Your Inoculation Against a Plant Maintenance "Pandemic" Panic

The news media and certain of our friends holding public office in Washington, D.C. have recently reacted to the regretful news of H1N1 Flu outbreak in Mexico by providing, well, "ample" warning for the citizens of the United States. In fact, the folks over at the World Health Organization were preparing to issue the planet its highest alert for worldwide pandemic. Whew! Meantime, the great communicators started the flood of information by first referring to the impending catastrophe as the "Swine" Flu. According to some accounts, this resulted in an immediate 30% drop in sales of pork at the local supermarket meat counter. What a debacle.

CMMS - Your Inoculation Against a Plant Maintenance Pandemic Panic

CMMS "Computerized Maintenance Management System" Software could save the day

Most business managers are not "ill." They can clearly recognize what constitutes a real threat to business profitability and what might be manufactured hype. In the meantime, they are trying to skillfully maneuver their organizations through a tough recession. If they are among those lucky enough to avoid having to swallow some government-mandated business prescription, they still have a tremendous responsibility to keep their organization assets and operation healthy and running as smoothly as the economy permits.

CMMS, or computerized maintenance management system software, is not a new concept in this regard. However, like "hand washing" in a childcare facility, it's a basic, absolute necessity. CMMS provides a critical, one-of-a-kind tool for maintenance managers charged with controlling unscheduled downtime while lowering inventory, material and contractor costs. Without a doubt, a professional CMMS can lower operational costs dramatically.

While "sanitizing" the operation of any inefficiencies and profit-draining expenditures, CMMS has the added benefit of immediately increasing productivity health. Focused work scheduling and planning keeps equipment online and maintained properly. It avoids the panic of rushing crews and contractors to emergency breakdowns which bring line personnel and output to a grinding halt. CMMS is proactive, not reactive. Implemented properly, CMMS represents a major time and cost savings to the organization's bottom line.

All CMMS Software is not created equal when it comes to maintenance management

CMMS Software applications are now widely available. Thankfully for the maintenance manager, there are more than a few CMMS software applications to choose from.

On the other hand, we are all learning the lessons of purchasing items from less-than-perfect sources situated across vast oceans in lands without much quality control. We know, for instance, that some products provided by foreign sources can provide a significant up-front cost savings over domestic suppliers. But, it's always "buyer beware." A lot of hype can make a pandemic seem possible, but only years of expert experience can produce a truly powerful CMMS Software application.

MAPCON CMMS is designed for forward-thinking and innovative maintenance management professionals. In fact, our CMMS has a solution for an array of operational configurations including, multiple locations, Internet-based maintenance management, customized interface and even start-up maintenance management. MAPCON is safe and reliable because we've been implementing CMMS in facilities and industry for over 25 years! When it's time to protect your physical plant and equipment against invidious downtime and costly unanticipated repairs, we recommend MAPCON CMMS Software.

MAPCON CMMS – A wise investment with an immediate, measureable ROI

Finally, MAPCON CMMS is an affordable investment. Starting as low as $595 for MAPCON Lite to under $10,000 for an Enterprise-Level CMMS (MAPCON Enterprise), or our comprehensive MAPCON Professional starting around $3,200, MAPCON CMMS is priced right. Why not get started today? Feel free to download a no obligation, full-featured Evaluation of any of our CMMS applications today!

Learn more about MAPCON CMMS

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