The Enterprise Solution: for Multi-Site Organizations

Multiple sites. Integrated Management. Locally or worldwide.

MAPCON Enterprise: Multiple Sites & Locations

The traditional idea that a business operating unit consists of a single location does not reflect the business model of a vast number of successful organizations. A local retail chain may include three or more separate stores around a city. Manufacturers may locate production sites in states or countries offering raw materials or favorable labor costs while distribution centers are positioned near air freight hubs and port facilities. Of course, international corporations operate worldwide and units are located across the global stage.

  • MAPCON's Enterprise option allows any organization to centrally manage the maintenance operations of ALL their locations (including facilities, divisions, units, plants, stores, warehouses or unique businesses).
  • MAPCON's Enterprise option is available for BOTH our MAPCON LITE or MAPCON PRO versions.
  • Using MAPCON's Enterprise Multi-Site, Multi-Location CMMS option, maintenance managers can administer each location separately, assigning separate login rights (user profiles) by site while maintaining files in a central database.
  • Meantime, MAPCON's Enterprise option allows organizations to optimize Inventory and Parts distribution, Vendor and Contractor services, schedule preventive maintenance and, where appropriate, Work Order assignment to maintenance teams.

'Sites' and 'Zones'

MAPCON PRO comes standard with a single 'Site' license. A 'Site' is normally a business location such as a manufacturing plant, industrial operation, or, facility campus. Within each Site, the MAPCON PRO Administrator can set up an unlimited number of 'Zones'.

A 'Zone' within a Site location is used to separate each significant division within the location. For example, a large manufacturing plant deployed MAPCON PRO and setup the following Zones:

  • Manufacturing — All equipment and machinery directly related to the production process;
  • Facilities — All assets and equipment related to building and plant maintenance, including HVAC, electrical, elevators, plumbing and piping and other structural items;
  • Operations — This Zone may include small vehicle fleets, grounds maintenance, etc.; and,
  • Miscellaneous Maintenance — This Zone may include various assets and/or equipment items not related to other Zones.

Parts Inventory and Purchasing is centralized under the Site (Location). Reports can be run that focus on specific Zone maintenance while Work Orders and PM's pertain to the specific plant location.

'Enterprise' Operations

Many organizations, however, have more than one significant location. A major banking entity may, for instance, have multiple 'headquarter' campuses (not including retail branches) spread across a nation and positioned in strategic market locations. An ethanol producer may, for instance, have ten or more bio-fuel production plants operating across the North American grain belt. A regional retail chain may have multiple stores within a local area. Each location likely should be treated as a 'Site' in order to achieve maximum maintenance management efficiency.

Again, Inventory and Purchasing is centralized when multiple Site licenses are issued. This is the core value offered by MAPCON's Enterprise (Multi-Site) option. Manage maintenance at each Site location independently because each location may have different processes while combining functions that enhance overall operational efficiencies.

Order MAPCON Enterprise

MAPCON Enterprise is an option. To choose MAPCON Enterprise, you select multiple sites when ordering either MAPCON LITE or MAPCON PRO.

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