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Featured Product: MAPCON Pro Accounting Interface

Use this optional module to eliminate dual data entry! If your company is tracking purchasing and inventory transactions in another system outside of MAPCON Professional, use this handy interface to electronically send the transaction details from MAPCON Pro to your company’s accounting software package (such as MS Dynamics GP or John Deere - AGRIS) and help your organization become more efficient.

Here’s how it works:

Purchasing and inventory usage is all tracked within MAPCON Pro and tied to work orders. Use the fantastic capability of MAPCON Pro’s automatic reorder process to keep track of spare parts and maintenance supplies. After being purchased from within MAPCON Pro, reconciled invoices are then exported out of MAPCON Pro on a regular basis (typically every night). A text file is created with all the information the accounting software needs, such as each transaction’s date, inventory stock number, quantity and cost. The accounting software has an Integration Manager to read the text file and fill in the proper data in the proper places. Inventory transactions such as Issues and Returns can also be tracked and exported from MAPCON Pro to the accounting software.

By sending the information electronically, the benefits are huge. No more transposing numbers, no more mixing up of dates, and definitely no more forgetting to update one software package or the other because there will be no more dual data entry! Save time and greatly reduce data entry errors by using the optional MAPCON Accounting Interface module. Contact us today for more details.

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