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Government Ownership, Chapter 11 and CMMS

I know you're asking, "What have these subjects to do with each other?" A lot, actually. Or, nothing, more precisely. Well, okay, it depends really.

CMMS - Government Ownership, Chapter 11 and CMMS

The economy is not doing particularly well right now. As a consequence, the Government has leapt resolutely onto the stage to save thousands of jobs and entire industries from the ravages of financial contraction and not a few bad decisions. This assistance is sometimes paltry; just a few billion dollars. In other instances, they provide somewhat more, including real money, public advice, behind-the-scenes direction and an outright ownership stake. Unfortunately, then may come a Chapter 11 filing because this is government assistance, which is not so much.

CMMS is the wonder software for businesses operating in a weak economy

So? So, computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) can save the day helping to avoid government intervention. Yes it can. CMMS, or sophisticated maintenance software, salvages profitability, raises productivity and helps to preserve the bottom line for the corporate investors. All that.

And, supposing your plant and equipment are not under any immediate threat of government salvation? Thank goodness. Here lies promise and opportunity. CMMS (maintenance software) provides a significant return on investment for two main reasons:

  1. CMMS ensures a professional preventive maintenance process throughout the operation resulting in reduced downtime for machinery and equipment which, of course, increasing overall plant efficiency; and,
  2. CMMS can significantly lower two major maintenance costs, inventory and contractor payments. Asset maintenance software eliminates guesswork in the ordering process for parts and stock inventory. Managed maintenance also limits expensive contractors by keeping critical repairs in-house.

Mapcon Technologies, Inc., has been in the CMMS business for over 30 years

Every field of endeavor has its clear leaders, right? There are others at work in the CMMS field. Some of our competitors are pretty good too. But, we can safely say that MAPCON provides the premier CMMS in use for facilities and industry.

The best news is that MAPCON CMMS applications are not expensive. So, the business" upfront investment is relatively modest and the ROI potential is huge. MAPCON engineers have developed three principal CMMS maintenance software applications:

  1. MAPCON Enterprise is their rich-internet, enterprise-level asset maintenance management entry for large organizations with a need for a Web-based approach to CMMS;
  2. MAPCON Professional is a comprehensive system-based GUI-interface CMMS packed with functionality and setting the standard against which the competition is measured; and,
  3. MAPCON Lite is a feature-rich CMMS designed for smaller operations or those just beginning to implement CMMS into their organization. Lite pricing starts at just $595.

CMMS can keep your organization in the black

Listen, most of us might be tempted to take a massive injection of taxpayer dollars if it were offered. After all, politicians have been doling out federal money to favored constituents since the beginning of the Republic. But, our preference is determine our own salary and benefits based upon our success in a competitive environment. And, frankly, creating outstanding CMMS maintenance software is an essential part of that success. So, no Chapter 11, no government ownership, just CMMS for us. How about you?

Why not start a no obligation, full-featured Evaluation of any of our CMMS applications right now?

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