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Repair or Replace?

It's an old story - do you keep repairing the equipment that keeps breaking down, or do you replace it? A CMMS like MAPCON can help you find a definitive answer that makes the most fiscal sense.

It's all about the $$.

One company discovered that the money spent fixing an overhead crane over the course of one year could have purchased a brand new one - three times over!

The problem was that an operator was taking shortcuts to make up lost time after a jam-up. It was found that if the operator was really careful, the crane could take the load.

"We knew we could either repair the crane, or we could replace it with one that is more robust."


One approach that was considered was to make the system mistake-proof. Re-engineer the system so that the operator cannot overdrive the equipment. Limit the range, and eliminate the ability to take the shortcut.


However, the better approach was to beef-up the equipment with a new boom that can handle the stress. The "wrong" operational mode has some production advantages. "We ended up thanking the operator for discovering a faster way to operate the equipment!"

Making good repair or replace decisions lies at the core of a good CMMS (like MAPCON!). Good decisions require real data. Real data can be found in the CMMS.

With enough data, you can sometimes detect when an asset is going to turn the corner and things will start breaking. The idea is to retire the asset as soon as possible when you realize you've hit the start of the breakdown cycle.

MAPCON is a powerful tool and like any other tool, when used properly, it can help you and your company save money!

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