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U.S. Defense Department Relies On MAPCON

Complex Technology Requires Advanced Maintenance

Out in the Tularosa Basin near Las Cruces, New Mexico lies the largest military installation in the United States, the White Sands Missile Range. Almost 3,200 square miles of territory is devoted to military testing, communications and national security research operations.

U.S. Defense Department Relies On MAPCON

Our MAPCON maintenance software is there assisting NASA and U.S. Defense Department contractors with mission critical maintenance management tasks.

MAPCON maintenance software protects U.S. Department of Defense as well as federal and commercial facility assets located there. Installations at White Sands Missile Range vary widely with mission and scope. Radar tracking gear, Air Force base aerospace hardware and ground support equipment all benefit from MAPCON maintenance software management employed by experienced contractor personnel charged with keeping expensive and sensitive facilities running smoothly and safely.

Our maintenance software was chosen by these organizations because MAPCON has demonstrated exceptional reliability, a vast range of functionality, and a superior feature set that enables our customers to get the mission accomplished.

That’s not the entire story however. MAPCON has a long history of providing top notch support and training for maintenance personnel at White Sands. When requested, our staff travels to New Mexico to provide on-site service and in-person training to those who use our products.

An important part of the mission assigned to our users is support for U.S. Army garrison and facility management. MAPCON maintenance software may be used in various applications, many not known even to us! White Sands Missile Range provides its customers with world class launch complexes and environmental test facilities as well as data collection and processing.

MAPCON sincerely appreciates its role in providing maintenance managers with the best software in the industry while they go about their jobs protecting the United States.

White Sands Space Harbor is a backup landing site and primary Space Shuttle training area for pilots practicing landings in shuttle trainers and T-38 aircraft.

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