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Sean Spencer

Sean Spencer, Software Development Expert and Author

Software Development Expert and Author

Sean has a passion, not only for computer software development, but teaching the "ins and outs" of software applications to the general public.

A child of the 1970s, Sean began playing with computers in the mid to late 1980s. Soon, he became a self-taught knowledgebase of various computer operating systems and programming languages. Early on Sean worked in assembly and the infamous basic programming languages eventually graduating to C, C++ and Java. Today, he spends most of his development time with mobile application development.

His writing style is like his software expertise: direct, methodical and simple. His goal is to inform the general public about software products in general for beginners, kids and parents.

Sean Spencer hails from the west side of Chicago and is a major White Sox and Bears fan. When not writing, he plays a little softball. He's a much better writer than ball player. Just saying.

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