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STEM - The Career Path of the Future

Lisa Richards, Educational Outreach Writer

Being a teenager is a challenging time. The typical teenager needs to balance everyday tasks such as school, family, friends, homework, after school activities and maybe even a part time job. Those are just a few of the challenges that face teenagers as they approach college. College presents another set of problems for teens, including what are they looking to major in college and what do they want to do as a profession.

While teens have the choice of dozens of majors that are available, students and parents need to look what profession will be viable in the future. Some professions will be have more openings than others. One of the areas that shows a great deal of potential in the future are in the STEM or STEAM areas.

So, what is STEM or STEAM? STEM stands for areas that are covered in the science, technology, engineering and math. STEAM is the same as STEM with the addition of arts. These areas can lead to careers for high school and college students.

To learn more about the areas of STEM and STEAM, we have provided you with some information. We hope this is helpful in planning the career path of a potential future engineer, mathematician or any other profession that can benefit for education.