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Tips and Software for Computer Virus Protection

Lisa Richards, Educational Outreach Writer

Computers and computer networks are a vital part of life here and all around the world. More than three billion people use the Internet, and millions more are constantly online by means of their cellphones, tablets and other mobile devices. This exposure to the Internet means that there is an increased risk of cybersecurity breaches that can result in anything from lost files to lives disrupted or ruined by identity theft or cyberbullying. Because of these dangers it is necessary for everyone, including those who infrequently use the Internet, learn about cybersecurity and how to keep safe from online threats.

Caution is the first and most important thing that people need to practice to reduce the odds of becoming victims of cybersecurity breaches. It requires an awareness that threats exist and a mindset that prioritizes safety when considering any course of action online. People must understand what behavior is beneficial or hazardous to their safety on the Internet and develop habits based on this knowledge.  Defending against cyber-criminals also requires an understanding of where and how threats can happen. Attacks can come from many sources, including but not limited to cyberbullies, identity thieves, and hackers.

To help protect you against these threats we have provided a number of useful links to help remain safe.