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January 10, 2014

8 Reasons CMMS Will Change The Way You Think About Everything

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There are many benefits that come along with using a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), many of which I have blogged about in the past. One of the most interesting things you can get out of using a CMMS is also one of the most surprising - it can actually change the way you think about maintenance, as well as everything else in your life.

As a writer, one of the most important things for me is the ability to stay organized - keeping track of notes, websites, deadlines, invoices - it can be a full time job. I used to try to keep everything in my head, but soon realized the folly of that decision. After much soul-searching, I discovered that what I really needed was a tool - a project management tool - to help keep me on track. Once I found one I liked, it literally changed my life.

The same is true of a good CMMS. Many of the methods you employ in your maintenance management system can be used in your everyday life and situations. Don't believe me?

Consider the way a CMMS stores information on warranties for machinery and equipment. Without that database, you would have to dig around to find where you stored the paperwork for each machine when it broke down or needed a spare part replaced. Hopefully you did not lose it. A CMMS makes dealing with that scenario much easier.

Now think about purchases you make in your home. When you buy a new computer, laptop, video game console, or kitchen appliance, what do you do with the warranty? Do you stuff it away in a drawer somewhere? What about the manuals? Do you have a designated spot? Does it take up a lot of space? Over time, you can bet it will!

Once you start using a maintenance management program for your business, you will be inclined to apply the techniques at home as well. Maybe it inspires you to create a spreadsheet or database of warranty information, so you can simply pull up the information on your computer instead of looking around when your stove breaks down and you have to replace a burner.

The same can be said for preventative maintenance. In the past, the only way I tracked when my car needed an oil change was by the little sticker the mechanic put in my window telling me when the next one was due. I only got a tune-up when my car started running funny or the engine revved up while I was in idle. I can't tell you how much more this cost me than if I had actually gotten it taken care of on schedule.

Now I know better, and my CMMS put me in the right frame of mind. It got me thinking about preventative maintenance not just for work, but for everyday life. I take note of when my last tune-up was done, when my tires were last balanced - I even use the same methods for my health. When was the last dentist visit and physical? You can bet I have it in a system.

Those are just two examples of the way that a computerized maintenance management system can change the way you think about life.

8 Ways a CMMS Can Change the Way You Think

Here is a list of 8 ways a CMMS can change your thought process:

  1. Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance: A CMMS reminds you that everything requires maintenance - even you. Cars break down, we develop tennis elbow - it is just the nature of life.
  2. Preventative maintenance: Along the same lines as the above, everything in life can benefit from a little preventative maintenance. Wearing a back brace when lifting weights, getting regular checkups, changing the spark plugs in your car - all of these are things that can help you increase longevity for you and your belongings.
  3. Keeping track of warranties: As I said before, once you use this particular portion of a CMMS, you will definitely see the wisdom of tracking receipts, warranties, and so forth in a digital format in your home life.
  4. Budgeting: Knowing what surprises to expect can help you set aside money for rainy day situations. This in turn will help you make healthy financial decisions and keep you on track with your spending. A good CMMS makes you money conscious - and that is never a bad thing!
  5. Reporting: A major part of a CMMS is the reporting features. In life, as in work, it is good to step back and run a "report" on where you stand. Analyzing your situation and the steps you need to take to improve is pivotal to a successful life. A CMMS will open your eyes to this train of thought.
  6. Scheduling jobs: When in a maintenance environment, you have to schedule jobs. Who is going to work on what machinery? What upgrades need to be done, how much time will it take, and what are the costs? This technique can work wonders around your home as well. What chores need to be done daily? Who will do them? What is the best time to allow time for them?
  7. Cutting energy costs: This is an often overlooked benefit of a CMMS, but one everyone should be aware of. Energy costs can be very high in an industrial setting as well as in the home. Proper maintenance can ensure machinery runs properly, which in turn, cuts down on unnecessary energy drainage. After implementing this in your maintenance system, you will no doubt be more "energy friendly" in your everyday routine as well.
  8. There is always room for improvement: if nothing else, a CMMS will make you realize that there is always room for improvement. Life is a process just like anything else and every process can be improved upon. You wouldn't just set your maintenance system up and stay hands off, so why would you do the same for your life? A CMMS helps you strive for a better way.


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