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March 27, 2015

How a CMMS Can Assist During March Madness

How a CMMS Can Assist During March Madness

Imagine this. You are the owner of a sports arena, and your dream has come true. Your arena will host one of the NCAA March Madness games! This is what you've been waiting for. Your arena finally has the chance to shine truly.

On game day, you sit and happily cheer for your favorite team. Suddenly, disaster strikes. The scoreboard goes dark. All of the fans gasp. This, of course, sends you into panic mode and you scramble to figure out what’s wrong.

What could have prevented this? A CMMS.

Now, you may think this example is a bit extreme, but just remember what happened during Super Bowl XLVII. Millions of people watched as the stadium lights suddenly went out. The game had to be delayed while this was fixed.

How can a CMMS help sports arenas that are hosting March Madness?

Preventive Maintenance.

A CMMS allows workers to schedule preventive maintenance checks. This means that equipment check-ups can be scheduled to occur on a regular basis. This helps avoid issues because workers aren’t waiting until something goes wrong to inspect equipment. They can easily identify potential problems and do any necessary work before the equipment breaks down. A CMMS can decrease the risk of equipment deterioration.

If additional parts are needed, a CMMS makes it easy to order more. The system stores all vendor information and can also automatically send a reorder request when the minimum number of parts is reached. This means you will always have the assets you need to fix equipment, which is a definite time saver.

In the scenario above, a regularly scheduled preventive maintenance route could have prevented this entire disaster. If the check had been done, workers might very well have been able to identify an issue with the scoreboard before it went out, saving the arena owner money and embarrassment.

Preventative maintenance can also help with less obvious issues, such as concession stand or bathroom breakdowns. By implementing a CMMS, sporting arenas can be better prepared for hosting March Madness games. When maintenance is performed well, it should be transparent to everyone else.

Reactive Maintenance.

Sometimes, even if you have done all of the preventative maintenance checks, equipment still malfunctions. If the scoreboard goes out and there is no CMMS in place, there’s a good chance that people are scrambling to find out what the issue is, and who is around to fix it.

With a CMMS, there’s no need to scramble. All of the information you need is right in one place. Once you log in, you can see which maintenance employees are scheduled to work that day. You can then send them an urgent work order to get things started. Having a CMMS with mobile capabilities can help even more because the worker will get a notice of the work order sent to their mobile device right away.

Along with being able to send out an urgent work order, you can also make sure all of the tools needed to fix the issue are in stock. You can even add their location to the work order, so the worker does not have to run around looking for parts.

If a CMMS had been in place, the above scenario most likely would have been very different – and a lot more enjoyable.


Heather Wilkerson

About the Author – Heather Wilkerson

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