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March 30, 2012

Hungarian Ethanol Plant Picks MAPCON

Pannonia Ethanol is developing a bioethanol facility in Dunafoldvar, Hungary. The facility will produce up to 240 million litres of bioethanol fuel, 175,000 tons of Dried Distillers Grains and Solubles (DDGS) a high protein animal feed and utilize roughly 575,000 tons of corn annually. It is expected to be an economic boost and stabilizer to the Hungarian Corn Market.

Mapcon Technologies, Inc. will supply the new Hungarian ethanol plant with the powerful Windows Server version of its world-renowned Preventive Maintenance Software.

Currently, MAPCON preventive maintenance software is utilized in over 50% of all ethanol plants in the United States.  We are very happy to be of service in the European Union as well.  For more information, please contact Tom Kopsa, MAPCON Corporate Accounts Manager at 1 (800) 922-4336 or email sales@mapcon.com.


Chris Kane

About the Author – Chris Kane

Chris Kane is a management consultant and former business owner with broad experience in marketing and sales in service industries. He is also a former U.S. Army infantry officer and avid outdoorsman, including rock climbing and motorcycle riding.

Since 2008, Chris has been involved in web consultation for one of the original and most innovative Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software development firms in the industry. He especially understands how best to articulate the purpose and uses of CMMS software for potential end users across the globe. Kane appreciates and smoothly details the compelling financial and customer satisfaction advantages of CMMS software as do few others in the maintenance management field.

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