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June 01, 2016

Client Spotlight: Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society

Palm Beach Zoo

Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society was formed in 1969. In the beginning, the zoo only had a few ducks, chickens, and a goat. The zoo now houses over 700 animals from Florida, North, South and Central America, Australia, and Madagascar. More than 314,000 people visit each year, and over 5,900 households maintain annual memberships.

As the zoo grew, so did their need for a reliable CMMS. Since joining the MAPCON family in 2014, the zoo has become dependent upon their CMMS for a multitude of things. They use MAPCON Mobile, which is an app that allows them to take their CMMS with them wherever they go. Zookeepers find the portability especially useful. When the zookeepers are out caring for the animals, they can create work requests on the fly when needed. When they are feeding the animals, they can submit work requests right away if they notice any part of the exhibit that needs repairing. This can help prevent animals from escaping, and improve overall safety!

The staff at Palm Beach Zoo also finds MAPCON to be useful for ordering food for the animals. Since vendor information is stored directly in their CMMS, they can reorder food by just pressing a few buttons.

The animals aren"t the only ones that benefit from MAPCON. The zoo also uses the system to order items for the commissary, and to keep other facilities (such as bathrooms and rest areas) up and running.

Since the zoo is also a conservation society, the fact that MAPCON is largely paperless is also appealing to them. Since work orders can be completed via their mobile device, there is no need to print them out, which is obviously a benefit to the environment.

We couldn"t be more proud of our relationship with Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society. It just goes to show, MAPCON can help you manage your facility. Even if your place is like a zoo.


Heather Wilkerson

About the Author – Heather Wilkerson

Heather graduated from Loyola University with a Bachelor's degree in Communication. She is currently the Marketing Coordinator for Mapcon Technologies, Inc. She has been with the company since 2015. Heather has written industry articles that have appeared in magazines, such as Maintenance Technology, Biofuels International, and Plant Engineering.

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